Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 364

Day 364 into Sammy's life is all in preparation of Day 365, his birthday! Oh and I am sooo excited! And proud of my little pupper-doo! First we slept in a little, because Sammy was less than pleased about waking up. Then we rode with Erik to UNMC for his TB test. Which, he does not have TB. He may now work in the medical field. Yay. (Sammy & I were on the edge of our seats wondering....haha) Then we went to 2 stores in search of carob powder for Sammy's cake. I finally found it at Whole Foods. I always hate going there because I feel like I stick out like a really swollen, sore thumb! Besides, this is Nebraska. Home of beef and country style, bad for your body, cooking! Although I try to cook healthy for us, I am just not quite comfortable with the parallel universe in Whole Foods. OR their prices! So for the ingredient I needed just 3 teaspoons of, I ended up with a tin the size of Hot Chocolate! I now have enough for all of Sammy's cakes, and 5 more corgis. At least!
It was important. Carob powder, which I have googled, is a healthy version of cocoa. Kind of. Carob beans are similar to cocoa beans. There are more calories, but a net loss of fats. Also, there is NO caffeine! Cocoa beans get lots of sweetners added to it to become chocolate, so although the carob bean is sweeter than the cocoa bean, carob powder vaguely resembles sweet!
After Whole Foods, we had to stop by HyVee to get some raspberries for the people cake. I couldn't believe that Whole Foods didn't have any! Sammy loves running errands, and had the greatest time sticking his head out the window. It got up to 70 something today!
Once back, I began the cooking. I made his cake. I googled dog cakes and found one that has mashed bananas and thought that sounded like a winner. After getting in in the oven I got his frosting ready. It's mainly cream cheese with the carob powder. It also had a tsp of honey and tsp of vanilla in it. It smelled good, but it wasn't! (What can I say, I was really curious!) Then I got started on the people cake. I cheated and used a box for the cake, but I made the cream cheese frosting by hand. The way my grandma used to. SOOOO unhealthy, but absolutely the BEST! The end product was french vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting. A layer of cream cheese frosting and raspberries in the middle! Mmmm....I can't wait to have it tomorrow!
Sammy was a huge help! He likes when I cook because I am clumsy and drop lots of things. Today he was especially happy because I let him lick the beater! We all get to when it's our cake, I felt it was only deserving!! He loved it soo much!

"Whatcha doing, Mom? Whoa, for moi?!?"

"Don't mind me. I'm just here to see what you are up to!"

Check for cakes! Sammy's is all decorated. The 'a' in B-Day didn't really come out. Oh well. I found the glitter gel pens for cake at Walmart and just had to go for it! Thought that would be the easiest thing to decorate with! It was still hard with that little cake! Oh well. It was still fun. And now our refridgerator is full of cake!!!! Yay for Sammy turning ONE!!


  1. You'll have to post the recipe for the doggy cake! :) I hope Sammy has a great birthday!!!

  2. congrats, and happy birthday sammy!! may you have the best 1st birthday, EVER!

  3. oh and bailey does the same thing when im cooking, but i love it cause who needs to buy a broom and dustpan when you have a corgi? ;)

  4. Great job on the cakes! We need a picture of Sammy enjoying his!! :)

  5. We want to see Sammy eating his cake! And the recipe please!

    Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper