Monday, April 26, 2010

Sammy's Birthday Revisited (With Pictures)

Woot woot, we got the camera back! I can't believe I made it 2 weeks without the camera! As promised, here are the pictures from Sammy's first birthday, from 2 weeks ago!

Sammy recieving his presents:

This is us at the dogpark. Unfortunately we came when there was a dauchsand meet up, so it was overwhelmed by dauchsands. Sammy doesn't mind them too much, but has too much energy and strength for them. He is always sweet to them, but just gets bored with them. They were nice and gave Sammy a bag of a new kind of healthy treats, and they are liver flavored. A flavor, I would never have picked out on my own because it doesn't sound good to me, but he really loves them!

Next we went to my grandparents' house. We brought both of our cakes to share with the family. My grandparents got Runzas for everyone. Runza is a Nebraska thing, super yummy! Then we took our birthday photos!

and ate cake! Sammy watched every step along the way to his yummy cake! He knew it was his! Then he had a little siesta while the people ate their cake! Us people had to wait until after Sammy was served his peice to get theirs. After all, the birthday boy gets his first!

And more presents! He got a moose sweater from my aunt, and a set of tennis balls from my grandparents! Sammy just loves his birthday!

My grandma pulled out the newspaper to tell Sammy who he shares his birthday with as well as important things that have happened on his birthday in history. We learned that Sammy shares his birthday with: Mandy Moore, Haley Joel Osment, Steven Seagal, John Madden and Commodore Matthew Perry. Then we talked about celebrities we knew of on our own birthdays. After our little party, we hit the road. We drove back to Axtell so Erik could work on his aquarium. Sammy brought back some of both of his birthday cakes to share. He got to run around with his buddies all day long. They had a wonderful time. It was a nice day and we all were outside all day long. I was able to suntan a little bit and take some photos when I wasn't helping Erik with his aquarium stuff.

Then Sammy and Sneezy had to "play." They really enjoy tormenting each other! Haha. Sammy has recieved the name Samantha for the way he squeals around cats. But he always goes back for more. It's his Oodie stage!

Next came the aquarium test. Fill it with water and make sure it doesn't leak. And test the filter. Sammy doesn't like to be far away so he came into the barn to help. Plus it was nice and cool for him. He loved frog dogging on the cement floor!

Then, Sammy and I got bored, so we went and took some pictures of flowers and him. And played a little. Here are some of the best. (I took alot!)

I think Sammy had a pretty good birthday. Erik's birthday was this past weekend, and whenever anyone told him Happy Birthday, Sammy looked at them with a pleased look on his face. It made me think he thought it was still his birthday. I froze some of his birthday cake so he could have cake again with us for Erik's birthday. Sammy was quite happy and remembered what cake was! Everyone came over to our place for Erik's cake and Sammy took up his spot in the middle of the circle of people and just looked around and ate his cake. He definately liked the birthday thing! Haha. It was very sweet! Neither one of us can wait til his next birthday! In just 50 weeks! Lol.


  1. Aww glad he had a good birthday! That is so cute that you got everyone together like it was your child's birthday :) Inspires me to take Gibson's next birthday more seriously hehe

  2. Awww this post is so cute! I'm so happy you got your camera back because these are some great photos! I'm glad Sammy had a good birthday!!!! I just love that they know it's all for them. :) I also love the term "frog dogging"!!! So perfect haha.

  3. i love the pictures, sammy looks just SO happy!!!!! haha the cake looks awesome!!! :D