Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guard Duty

Sammy takes his guard duty very seriously. He likes to keep all "unidentified visitors" off the premise. He knows Erik's car, and especially that little "beep beep" from the automatic lock. He knows my car, not really sure how though. I don't have any of those fancy do-hickies on my car (not even power locks, windows or cruise control!). He also knows my mom's van. He can hear the squeak of her tires from afar, and doesn't think to bark. Sammy has begun to know some of the kids that run around in the evening, and has lessened his growls and barks to a bare minimum.
However, he knows very well the dog that lives at the end of the building. Samamy does not like this dog too well. It's probably partially from our stress, the dog lives in 2 apartments and goes back and forth. Neither household picks up his "waste" and it's a big dog! It barks at everything. And the kicker, it always gets away from it's owners. Never runs away, but runs around our "yard." The dog has gotten loose while Sammy is on his stake and rope, and runs toward Sammy, but will stay just a foot out of his reach. I think it's because she is scared of Sammy, but Sammy probably sees it as the meanest thing any dog could do to him. That and the pottys left in HIS YARD!!
****Sammy doesn't potty (1 or 2) in his yard. Nope, we hafta walk around the building. So before going on his rope, we make a trip around the building. And after a while, we hafta put him back on his leash and walk around the building again. Silly puppy. He does not get upset at our next door neighbor dog for pottying in the yard, because it's in front of her door, and she and her parents are nice to Sammy.****
Sammy however can freak out at squirrels, birds, leaves, other people, other dogs that are in his view out of the sliding glass door. I know he is much more protective when it is just me and him than the three of us. Is as though he sleeps with an eye and ear open. I imagine he has an imaginary guard badge he hands over when Erik comes home. "Well, I got those leaves good. Here's the badge, I'm gonna catch a nap and a yum-yum. Let me know if you need some back up, or dishwashing." This leaves me curious as to how he does while we are both gone. He says goodbye to us at the door. And when we come home, there he is. Same spot. If I leave him a bone or treat, we leave it for him at the door. He never eats on the job. Seriously, it's Sammy's form of the sit-in. As soon as we come home and give him the proper hello, it's the first thing he does. On long days, I leave him a little blanket to one side of the window, so he is comfy cozy, but it never looks slept on. Toys always in his box, doesn't get them out. He used to get into the bathroom trash (only trash can corgi height) so we shut the door when we are gone now. He will eat a water bottle or highlighter if it's at his height, so we pick those up. Nothing else though.
I suspect his alone times are something like this. Say goodbye. Wait at the door a good 20 minutes or so to make sure we are really gone. A sniff to his treat, see what he gets later. Then a quick paremeter check. Probably a drink to keep him good and alert at the door. Then back to the door. Check outside. After a while, relax with nose to the door and ears up! Then, just wait for arrivals!
Something like this little guy:

Honestly, I have no idea. But I am very, very curious about his day.


  1. You could get him one of those doggy cams to put on his collar haha :)

  2. I've always wondered what Sadie does when I leave, too...I'm guessing a lot of sleeping haha. It's so cute how protective they are of their humans, isn't it? Sometimes Sadie gets a little TOO protective, but it's sweet how she feels that is her job.

  3. oh my goodness..... BAILEY IS EXACTLY THE SAMEEE!!! hahahaha.. funny. Anyways, i can totally relate. Bailey will not pee or poop in front of our house. He will not eat if i am not home!!! He also hears everything goign on on the block. He HATES people stomping on stairs, he freaks out about that, blowing trash bags, etc. it is the strangest thing... maybe bbear and sammy are related.. heehe :)

    OHHHHHH and i was so curious one day... that i actually put up a webcam in my house and recorded bailey for a few days while i was at work... and.. well... HE SLEEPS ALL DAY. hahahahhaa. i havent recorded recently... but heres the link if you wanna sneak a peek!


    password is "poop". :)

  4. ohhh and bailey does the exact same thing. ill leave him a bone to chew on when i leave for work. he will leave it alone... but once i get home he gets all crazy and runs around the house flinging it in the air in joy!

  5. do they make collar cameras? that would be so much fun! i shoudl try to figure out something to find out what he does all day, im just so curious!