Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sleeping Wonder

I am still amazed at how Sammy can sleep. I know I should be used to it, afterall he has been in my life for almost 8 months now, ...but I'm not! He sleeps in some of the most unusual positons. However, since he likes to know what is going on, he sleeps as light as a feather during his daytime naps. It is hard to sneak in a camera and get a picture of it. (That is why most of my pics of him sleeping are on my cell phone.) I got very lucky this time, though. I was uploading photos to my laptop, while sitting on the floor, when Sammy jumped up on the couch for a little pup-nap.

**I'm sure to anyone who looks into our apartment gets frequently confused as to why Sammy sits on the couch more than me. But I hate our couch. It's breaking and ugly! It was free, and we are poor. I will use the floor!**

I have realized that corgis are well known for making themselves comfortable on their backs, which is oh so adorable! But this time, with is neck hanging off the worst, most uncomfortable couch in the world, I just don't understand how he could be comfortable. Nonetheless, he napped like that for about 20 minutes. Until I disturbed him by opening my water bottle. Sammy awakened with a growl and a little bark to protect me from the impending noise. He is crazy protective when it is just the two of us! Protects me from every slight noise or movement! Cutie.

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  1. Hahhahaa awww! They are so silly, these corgis. Sadie sleeps in odd positions like this as well. And I don't get how she could be comfortable, but she loves it!