Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hey everyone. I am shopping around for heartworm pills. They are crazy expensive, so I am trying to find a cheap price, but good deal. Petmeds.com is having a sale, and I was definately considering weighing in now. However, I am having a difficult time, and was hoping for some advice from others. They have a cutoff line for weight at 25 lbs. But...our lovable corgis toggle that line. Sammy literally sits at the 25-26-27 lb line. During the winter he was right about 27-28. Now that it has been warming, Sammy & I have been spending as much times as possible outside. Hiking, long walks, dogpark, or just sitting outside enjoying the warmth. He has definately trimmed up, even in the last week it's noticable. Anyway, one of my largest fears is Sammy getting a worm and us not being able to do anything about it! I was just wondering what other people used for their corgis? Is the 25 lb line that humongous of a deal? Should I get the 26-50 lb pill to cover my bases, or just consider Sammy a small dog and get him the 11-25 lb pill so it's not overwhelming? Or am I not thinking about it right, would a formula for a 26-55 lb dog be too strong or harmful to my little 25/26 lb corgi baby? Ah....didn't think this could be so hard!
Any thoughts?

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  1. I just starting getting Sadie the over 25 lb one, cause she is heavier...I was giving her the 25 lb one for awhile though. I order mine from petshed.com and I've never had any problems.