Monday, March 22, 2010

Sammy's Profile!

Did you know there is a website, Well, I stumbled upon it many a-moons ago, about the time I started this. I patiently waited for the email. And waited. Then I forgot. This past week, I stumbled upon a link for it again, and then I remembered doing it! Haha. Except, I never got an email. I decided to try to restart, except it said I already had a profile. Long story short, I found out it went to my spam folder, and I have my spam folder set to delete immediately! I got the spam folder reset, got my password reset, and voila, presto Sammy profile! is almost like a facebook for just corgis! I gotta say, that is a fantastic idea. In our dream world, Sammy gets to meet and play with other corgis. Thus far, he has only met one! I'm not sure there is a large population of corgis in Omaha, except we always get stopped by someone who knows someone with a corgi. At first it was awesome to hear that on walks and from classmates, etc. but now I wanna say, "Prove it! Doggie date!!" Maybe I will find a corgi convention near Omaha!
Well, now that I can log in, I am trying to figure the rest out. I am technologically defcient, so I am a little slow. Anyway, Sammy just wanted to tell others about this cool site! And, if anyone has already joined, any pointers? So far, I am somewhat confused! I am proud to say, I have figured out how to upload pictures!!! Lots of Sammy for the world to see! Sammy is proud of me, but I'm sure it was the tone in my voice, not actually that he understood my small feat!
Look for Sammy, the ADD corgi:


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