Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yesterday we actually got rain! I guess spring really is coming, I almost can't believe it. Sammy has loved this! He has been able to go on walks again, and we were able to take him to the dogpark! He loved it. He was even able to play with his very first corgi! They just bonded instantly. They ran and ran in circles nonstop. This is when I learned that Sammy is slow. I also learned he is skinny for a corgi! Haha. The other corgi even taught him how to jump up on the picnic table. It was adorable. The other corgi would jump up and look down at Sammy like, "C'mon!" Sammy couldn't figure out how he did it, his jumping skills are that great. And, Sammy is a bit of a chicken. I think it's partly his hip and joints, but that might have been how it started and now he is just a chicken. Anyway, so the other corgi took to leaning down and barking at Sammy as to instruct him how to get on top of the table. This backfired big time! Sammy just got impatient and went in circles around the table, looking for a stair case probably. Then it got real tough when a little dauchsand just jumped right past Sammy up to the top of the picnic table! Poor Sammy. Well, the other corgi jumped right over. Like a drill sargent, just barked and barked right at him until Sammy was able to make it to the top! I was so proud of him. I probably embarassed him right in front of his new friend since I came right over and tried to hug him and tell him, "Good Boy!"
Anyway, those sunny 50 degree days have passed. Yesterday was rainy. And cold rain drops at that! I'm not sure if Sammy remembers anything about the few rainstorms we had in the fall after his homecoming, but nonetheless, he was petrified. He was pacing and panting. He was in between Erik and my legs. Once it began to rain harder he ran toward the door, without getting too close and barked at it! He whined and whined laying right between us on the couch. I don't know what about the rain he is so scared of. Erik had to practically pick him up and plop him outside, and once out there Sammy gave the puppy eyes and stayed as close to the building as corgi-ly possible!
The worst part, was it was just a light spring rain! What is this little guy going to do when, dare I say storms come! Or just harder rains. Poor thing. He must not remember much before the snow. The rain has helped remove most of the snow in our "yard." He seems to being going through a crisis with that now today. He be-lines for the snow. He won't do his business anyway but the snow. Sammy seems perfectly content with the grass, but unsure of going to the bathroom on it. He tugs for it, and his little paws barely hit the snow before he is "going." This is his first spring, and I knew it would be interesting to see what he thought of the re-emerging grass and when flowers and bugs came. But I'm beginning to get the feeling it is going to be a hard transition. At least he LOVES the dogpark!

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