Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nature Dog

I don't know about the rest of America, but today was beyond beautiful in Omaha! Just fantastic! Started out chilly, windy and cloudy but ended with sunny, no clouds and 60 degrees! Once the clouds cleared, Sammy went on a errand with us then to the dogpark! We were only going to stay for a little while to take the edge off of his energy for our walk, until.....another corgi came! We had only been there for a little while and Sammy had already greeted everyone, at least twice! By everyone, I mean every person and every dog! After about 10 minutes of his nonstop running from one dog to another, in came the second corgi, a tri color. Every other time we have seen a corgi compared to our Sammy, Sammy has always been the largest and the slowest. This corgi, named Jacks, was bigger than Sammy! And, the same age!! They had a lot of fun. They teamed up and began herding a couple other dogs! It was just so funny to see them doing what is natural for them! We ended up staying for an hour.
Originally we were going to grab subway and take it to our next destination and have a picnic before our walk, but we got too hungry! We grabbed a subway, stopped at home and ate. Filled up Sammy's water and hit the road. We went to Schramm State Park which is between Omaha and Lincoln. They have a fish hatchery there and nature trails. I am actually surprised Sammy could even keep moving. Apparently the nap in the car filled his energy though, because he just jumped out of the car as if he had been locked up for a week!
First we began by walking around the hatchery ponds where lots of geese were hanging out. These geese were bigger than Sammy, but there was no stopping his curiousity. That, and he believes they just want to be friends with him as much as he does them! Eventually they all just walked into the water and swam away. Surprisingly, Sammy wiggled over and almost jumped in the water after them!
Next we went on the trails! It was a very long trail through the forest, and Sammy has never done anything like that before. He was just so excited. Tugging and pulling as hard as he could, just what we went to the dogpark to stop. He had to sniff everything! Up and down the loess hills, across bridges through the woods we went! Anyway, I took a few pictures, so here is the newest little nature corgi!

These are the scary snakes that ended our day!!!

Sammy can't wait to go back when things get green!!! Brown does get a wee bit boring after a while!


  1. Aww he looks so happy in nature :)

  2. Aww these pics are great! Glad you had a nice weekend. The weather was rainy and gross here! :(