Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring Tease

Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL! The sun was out, snow melting (a little), birds moving north, and the temperature was nearly 40 degrees! It was the first time I can remember in the last month or two where I didn't see my breath! Sammy's cabin fever was loud and proud. So when I got home from class he played out in our yard for a while and once Erik made it home all three of us set out for a walk! A real walk, not one of those ones to just go around the building to get "it all" out. Nope, a real walk up and down the hills of the neighborhood, by other dogs in their yards, smelling all the smells and seeing neighbors returning home themselves.
It was picture perfect. That is until we remember what it's like when the snow starts to melt. And melt in the cement where all the gravel has been, let alone the parts where cars have been. Yesterday was that yucky phase between winter and spring, where it is nice temperature but we still have to wear our yucky pants and winter shoes out with our dogs because we don't want to ruin our good things.
Sammy had a great time. He still jumped and plowed through the snow. He stopped to roll in it alot. He had fun with all the sounds of birds and dogs. Sammy loved all the smells. He looked like a little hound dog out there with his nose to the trail. Only peaking up when a dog barked. It was fun. I had a great time enjoying my walk with my pup. I really miss our walks.
The nastiness of the ground only reared it's ugly head when we got back to the apartment and I could see just how dirty and wet he got. Well, I will let him show it off:

With a winter this long....what a tease mother nature! Ugh. Oh well, it was still fun. Thank goodness for that corgi outer fur where a towel just wiped off 95% of the yuck! Today we woke up to snow. Another 2-3" thus far as the snow system moves across the midwest.
As a weather notice I thought I would share another weather bit. A friend of mine is in school as a meteorolgy major. She told me her professor told her that we will probably still have snow on the ground in until late March. Furthermore that spring could likely be just a change in air flow and if that is the case, tornados on the snow are possible! Can you imagine snow tornados whipping through? Thank goodness we are on the basement floor! It's a crazy weather year!

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