Thursday, February 18, 2010

Corgi Love

Everyone loves corgis.
That seems just so obvious to most, but until you actually have a corgi it's impossible to imagine just how much love these cute little pups get. It is remarkable. Either being lazy and going through a drive-thru turning into a discussion about corgis and how they are little herders etc. with the person holding your food, to the overwhelming excitement of petstore employees who see that LITTLE smiling dog dragging in it's owner, to the vast number of blogs and websites dedicated to experiences with corgis. (In the past couple of weeks I have begun to click from webpage to webpage and I am amazed!)
But don't just take my word for it. If my science and math classes have taught me anything, it's that a simple statement that "everyone loves corgis" is not enough by itself. Although it should be as simple as saying gravity pulls objects down. So in additon to the couple of sentences in the previous paragraph, I am going to give a couple of examples that inspired me to this blog.

Two nights ago while Sammy, Erik and I were all curled up watching the Olympics (We bought digital rabbit ears just for the Olympics. We have like 8 channels, it's amazing! But it only works with the TV in the bedroom. lol) we recieved a phone call from my mom. My grandpa (nearly 91) had fallen and he and my grandma (nearly 89) were unable to get him up. My mom lives next door and is usually able to help out, but she was busy at the time. We jumped out of bed, put on shoes and coats and put Sammy on his leash and we were out the door. Unfortunatley we live a good 15-20 minutes from my grandparents' house. By the time we were able to make it, my grandma felt that a rescue squad needed to be called. In all actuality it was better that they were called. A firetruck came hurling up the road maybe 2 minutes after we had arrived. In came 4 very large and powerful all business firemen. My grandparents built the house they still live in after moving back to Nebraska. They had the first house on the block. What that means is the bathroom my grandpa fell in was about the size of my grandpa and half a fireman. Erik and I tried to keep Sammy out of the way, but really what's the use. Everyone loves corgis. In Omaha we haven't seen many corgis. And unlike other cities, our humane society hasn't had a meet and greet for local corgis. But to our surprise, one fireman was delighted to see Sammy. And the first thing we hear, "Is that a corgi? That is a corgi." Come to find out, he has two corgis of his own. For the next 15 minutes while two fireman are able to pick up my grandpa and move him into his bed and check him out (no broken bones, heart rate, blood pressure....etc) two firemen, my grandma, Erik and I discuss corgis! Everything from size to smiles to their dwarfism! And they all gave him a pet on their way out! See, everyone loves corgis!
That is not to unlike our apartment. The maintence staff has routine checks to all the buildings. When we moved in, we had a few issues from mold around the window, to broken curtains to soap holders falling off in the bathroom. All simple things that our maintence staff fixed quickly and easily. We had one guy in particular take a liking to Sammy. He just loved him! Sat and petted him for a good five minutes. Told us all about his lab at home. Everytime we saw him around the complex, he always came and gave Sammy a pet. Every month (maybe every other month) they come in and check our furnaces. We always have the same guy to check our furnace! I think he tries to come back to our apartment! Furthermore, we haven't gotten in trouble for not crating him while we are gone. The apartment hangs up signs for the days they will come into buildings to check things like the furnace and to crate your dogs. It says there could be a fine for not doing it. Well, we have yet to do it, and yet to get into trouble! They must just get so excited when they see his little face they can't give us a fine! All because everyone loves corgis!
Corgi love goes well beyond my Sammy. (It's hard for me to realize sometimes.) It ventures into the TV world! Has anyone seen the Pedigree Dentistix commercial? Sammy and I nearly lost it when we saw the corgi!

Even more spectacular, they are using corgi love to sell cars! Nissan got on the corgi bandwagon with their Nissan Leaf Olympic commercial! Check out this commerical. At exactly 42 seconds look at the little smiler on the right!

Another commercial I have seen with these fancy rabbit ears is the Pup-Peroni commerical.

If that isn't enough....the Queen of England LOVES corgis! One of my favorite articles I have read about Queen Elizabeth and her corgis often reminds me of myself with Sammy. My middle name is Elizabeth, so I often say that the Queen and I must be on the same wavelength. Haha.

Now who can deny the fact that Everyone Loves Corgis?!


  1. Aww I haven't seen that second commercial! Good find :)

  2. I'm glad your grandpa is ok!

    It's so true though. Everyone does love corgis. People will stop me on the street to pet Sadie. I always hear people saying, "OMG LOOK AT THAT CORGI!" And Sadie isn't even a purebred haha. It's really awesome how loved these dogs are, but I'm not that surprised. They're so stinking cute!!!

    I will have to come back and watch the videos! (My work blocks YouTube. BOO!)