Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is Sammy an Einstein?

In Pre-Samerson time (I can't imagine that time anymore), there was a struggle over the breed. As you all may recall, Erik was very corgi all because of the show.... Cowboy Bebop. Don't feel bad if you don't know this show, it is not among the popular sitcoms. Rather it is an anime. And if you don't know what an anime is (I didn't until Erik entered my world a couple years ago), essentially it is an adult cartoon originally deriving from Japan, that has begun a subculture here in America. To my surprise, alot of people actually know about anime and even this show, Cowboy Bebop. Even more surprising, sometimes when I just mess around on the internet typing in 'corgi,' 'pembroke corgi,' etc, I find many dogs named Ein!
Sammy and I have been priveldged enough to begin watching this show before bed.
Cowboy Bebop aired in 1998-1999 and has been classified as a "space opera, planetary romance, action adventure, crime fiction, tech-noir, tragedy" on That is probably a better jumbled word explanation than I could have given myself! It is futuristic where the main characters, who are bounty hunters, travel through space from planet to moon to planet...etc (often times through what looks like worm holes) attempted to make their bank, but always run into many mishaps along the way. If anyone has seen Firefly, a WB show from many years ago that was cancelled after one season, it is alot like that, but cartoon-y. Anyway, in episode two(ish) when everything seems to start going awry trying to get a briefcase and whatnot, they finally open the briefcase and out pops a PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI!!
Later, as the episodes continue, they keep this cute little corgi and name him, Ein (for Einstein). Ein continues through the series (I think, we are still on disc 1), even as a main character. Ein barks like a corgi, has the smile and nub like a corgi, and has the floppy tounge alot, like at least Sammy. However, as the story contines, we find out that Ein isn't just a regular dog. Rather he is a "data dog" to which I do not understand fully, just that he had been expiermented on. (Very upsetting!)

I am sharing all of this for a couple reasons. Number 1, that is a part of how Sammy came to be part of my life. Numero 2, Sammy's reaction is quite funny. Sammy will sit at the end of the bed and watch the screen. He seems so engulfed by what is happening (much more than me!). When Ein barks, Sammy cocks his head back and forth as to understand what Ein is saying to him. And finally, Number 3, many have said that Sammy and Ein look alike. Personally I can't imagine any cartoon dog to be even a quarter as cute as my little Samster! Well, I will leave it up to the pictures:

Yep, Sammy is much cuter! Haha. Plus I think Ein is a little chunkier than my lean mean Corgi machine, Sammy!! I will admit that Ein is very cute and that I am quite estatic that they chose a corgi for their dog. It's nice to have lots of corgi-love!

In other news, Sammy is very excited because he is getting to go to doggie daycare agian on Friday! It has just been so cold that I just am unable to play outside with him the way I should and he is just getting bored inside. I don't blame him for his cabin fever, I have it, too. Anyway, he loves doggie daycare, and he can't wait to play for 12 hours (with 2 nap breaks!) with lots of other dogs inside and outside! I am very excited for him, and also very excited for Friday night when he is oh so tired! Yay!

Ein Pictures I googled:

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  1. I LOVE Cowboy Bebop :) I've always loved corgis, and then I met my husband who watched this anime show. He never knew that Ein was a corgi and when I told him he was 'team corgi' all the way :)

    It's the amount of white on Sammy's face that makes him look a little like Ein :) Gibson has way too much white to ever pass for him!