Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Drools McGee

To those that know me, it is no secret that I find a slobbering, drooling dog insanely endearing. Oh heck, downright cute! I can't explain it. I am not fond of the people slobber, often I will wash the sheets on a dime if any drool slipped onto the bed during the night. But when a dog has those drool strands, I just can't hold back the little giggle of "Oh My Gosh! Look at that drool!" Probably why I was drawn to basset hounds in the Pre-Samerson days.
I don't know if it is a corgi thing or not, but Sammy began his drooling about a month or two ago, and now excels at the drool. Sometimes when I look at him I wonder if his lips are too big for his snout. Or maybe because he usually smiles so much it has stretched out the lips at the corners that it bunches up when he is not smiling. Ok, so I don't think that, but it's a nice idea. I don't know, but his oversized corgi tounge salavates and produces a lot of drool for his little chipmunk cheeks to handle. In the end, when there is a tasty dish with wonderful smells, the end result is this:

And on a side note. We now wake up often with a wet spot below Sammy's head. Yep, he is drooling at night, now!


  1. What an adorable dog! I need to learn a bit more about Corgi's. I own two Westies, and I think they are fabulous, but maybe someday I'll add a Corgi to my brood.

  2. Hahahaa that's too funny! I'm not a big fan of drooling dogs, but Sammy looks cute when he drools :)