Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sleepy Sammy!

Yesterday was a wonderful day for Sammy. He got to go to Bone Jour! Bone Jour is the doggie daycare here in Omaha that is part of the Humane Society. Unfortunately he doesn't get to go too often. Hopefully it makes it more special when he gets to go. It is quite exciting. The dogs are separated into two groups, big dogs in one group, and small dogs and most puppies in the second group. The last two times Sammy went he was able to play with Chloe, a part lab part golden retriever mix puppy just one month younger than him. I was so happy for him to be able to play with a puppy, that is another dog with as much energy and playfulness as him. The small dogs and puppy group is anywhere from 20 to 28 dogs dependant on the day. I imagine it is a bliss for Sammy.
Sammy's day at dogcare goes a little like this:
615am: Get up, get some breakfast and potty. Getting up takes him a little bit if he doesn't want to, so we allow extra time for this! Sammy is not a morning dog!
7:00 Sammy gets checked in. Sign him in, and take him to his crate (which is really a 3'X4' area all to his own that has a white picket fence around it with his name on the front. He gets a little bed and whatever we bring for him. He has a blanket from home and his little rabbit.)
7:30 All the dogs get let out into their play rooms. Sammy's playroom has astroturf ground and those little plastic jungle gym things for kids as well as other toys around the room. Each room has a door into it's separate yards so the dogs are able to go in and out as they please.
11:00am: Naptime. Sammy would go back to his little crate for naptime. At this time some dog parents pay for their dogs to be groomed, and this would happen during naptime. Sammy does not get groomed, but always comes home smelling like the shampoo used on the other dogs!
1:30 pm: The small dogs are let into the big dogs yard. The big dogs have more jungle gym type things to climb. I don't know how much Sammy enjoys it, I am curious.
2:00: The small dogs go back to their playroom for the remainder of the day.
5:30-6:30 is pick-up time. We come in and they send him out of the play room. We also get a report card for the day to tell us how he did and who he played with most! Yesterday, Sammy got a Valentine from Ledger. Ledger's crate was next to Sammy's. They must have had a fun day together!

It almost sounds silly to talk about doggie daycare, but it has done so much for him. It has helped with Sammy's socialization not to mention letting him get to run around to his hearts content. Since we don't have a yard, I really appreciate this. This time of year, this year especially, it is so cold out that I have been unable to let him out as much as he wants, but at doggie daycare he gets that option as well as a new enviornment. I imagine him to have cabin fever! Since going to doggie daycare, he has done alot better on walks. Sammy was able to play with other dogs and lessen his curiousity of dogs on walks. Plus it makes him exhausted for about a day and a half!

"Why do you have me up? It is 6:30 in the morning! I need my beauty sleep!"

"Hmm....this is beginning to look a little familiar."

"This is looking ALOT familiar! Lets go, let's go!!"

Sammy after his 11 hour day of doggie daycare:

Sammy today, after sleeping the whole evening, the whole night and all morning!

"Boy this bed sure is comfortable with these extra blankets. Shall we take a nap, Mom?"

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  1. Awww so cute! He was exhausted!! Sadie used to go to doggie daycare when I was living in Boston. She loved it, and she would always come home exhausted, too!