Saturday, October 9, 2010


After moving in, Sammy took to our new deck. He loves it. Just loves to watch the neighbors and come in and out all on his own terms. Seeing him take to the deck, I promised him we would get him a rug or something to have out there for him. Today I finally made good on that promise.
Sammy was very happy.

Spent most of the day frog doggin on his new rug. However, everytime I tried to take a picture, he heard the beep of the camera and went to his poser mode. Jumped up and got a more "standard pose."

Sorry to not be updating very well this past week. I had a crazy work schedule doing 12-14 hour overnights. Then switched back to my normal 6 am shifts. Trying to get as many hours in as I can before our trip next weekend. The Nebraska game was also on Thursday this week, so we spent today getting our new tv stand and setting up the living room. This next week won't be much better, but we will update the best we can! We are excited to take him on his first big trip (something other than the 3 hour ride to Erik's parents' or camping).

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