Monday, October 11, 2010

18 Months

Yesterday was Sammy's half birthday. He was one year and a half old, exactly. Now offically closer to two than one. What does 18 months mean to most people? Not much. As a kid, I remember it being really fun. Extra special to say, "I'm 8, and a half!" What does 18 months mean to a corgi? Not much. What does it mean to Sammy? A super yummy cookie from The Gourmet Dog Shoppe. Unfortunately the store is at the mall and he can't go with me. But it's so fun. It's like the cases at a bakery, or deli, where their cookies are displayed. Then there are some things packaged up for presents or just to take more to go. And it's all made for dogs. They avoid oils, bleached flour, sugar, chocolate, salt, ....all that stuff. And it really isn't too expensive, which means I could easily go a little crazy.
Last year, for Sammy's half birthday, Sammy got a peanut butter bone cookie double dipped into doggie chocolate (that carob powder stuff). We took it to my grandparents' and he enjoyed it unlike most dogs. He licked and licked and licked. Licked all the chocolate off before chomping a bite of the cookie!
This year, I got him the exact same cookie and he did the same thing, except much faster with his giant tounge! He also got the same kind of cookie (dipped once) in a football shape with a Nebraksa N on it as well as Puppy Popcorn. The Puppy Popcorn was popcorn made without any of the oils or salt, then drizzled with the carob powder sauce and some kind of peanut butter sauce concoction.

He got his half birthday cookie yesterday, got his Nebraska cookie today, and will have to wait for his Puppy Popcorn.


"Still my's half birthday?? Ok's!!!!"

"Go Huskers!!"

***Just for a look back to a year ago!

I can't believe it's only been a year! He has gotten so big...he grew into those ears of his!!! And now he's really filling little chunky monkey!


  1. Sammy's a lucky guy! I've never done anything for Gibson's half birthdays!

  2. haha...i just can't help myself. i think it's more of an excuse for me than for him!! :)

  3. Ya know I'd never heard of half birthdays until just recently. Now I see half birthday celebrations everywhere! And why not? It's looks like a lot of fun!

  4. So cute!! I love the puppy popcorn!

  5. Yay, happy half birthday Sammy :-)
    That is a cute idea...Bailey will be 18 months next month. those cookies are so cute. I need to find a little doggie bakery somewhere around where we live...I would probably go nuts though, and Bails would get a celebratory cookie every months :-)

  6. I want those cookies for myself they look yummy! Happy half-birthday Sammy!

  7. oh sammy is so lucky!!!

    i have two very jealous pups now!