Sunday, October 17, 2010


Sammy is now a big brother! Well, kinda.
After lots and lots of consideration, and an almost dog before, Erik set up a little stop along our trip to Illinois. As disappointed as I was about our almost puppy, he was even more. He was a little more puppy gun-ho than I. I was still quite concerned Sammy wasn't ready. Nor us.
Even if we didn't end up with a puppy, I wanted to stop and see how Sammy did to determine whether or not it was an even idea to ponder. Erik found this website online, and there were 2 liters available. One of 7 males, and one of 4 females. We had it all planned. Little girl to go with the big bro Sammy.
It was mostly highway, something Sammy isn't used to. Sammy knows car trips. He is well aware of turn signals and stopping means....we're there! But not on highways. We slow down for towns and actually turn. He was quite unsure of our trip. But we got there, and Sammy got to meet some corgis!
Sammy stayed upstairs while we went down to meet the puppies, so the mom's wouldn't feel the need to protect their babies. The girls were just soooo cute. Then, out of no where, Erik looked over at the boys. Bent down and suddenly had a little boy on his arm. He picked that little puppy up, and what do you know....he was ATTACHED!! He handed that little puppy over to me. I recieved a kiss, and Erik asked if we could take him upstairs to see Sammy.
Sammy was distracted by the cats, so after just a couple of seconds, we were outside with the puppy and Sammy. This little guy's name is Brimley. Brimley instantly began following Sammy. Sammy found another cat and couldn't care less about puppy. That gave Erik and I plenty of bonding time with Brimley. Erik and Brimley had a moment just as Sammy and I had a little over 14 months ago!
Without looking at another puppy, there we were, ready for puppy number two! I was still somewhat nervous. Even though Sammy was not jealous of our attention given to a new puppy, he was not excited about this puppy. I was concerned about this. Erik had NO concerns.
We got back in the car and Sammy passed out. We got to our destination in Illinois, and unloaded into my cousin's house. They had a, almost one year old, doberman mix named Eva. She hasn't done well with dogs before. Not bad, just really, really timid, so little interaction. I knew Sammy would take care of this. Sammy first was quite assertive and took advantage of the timid behavior to show his dominance. Sammy also took to his herding abilities. This did not make me feel much easier about the future puppy coming home.
Loooong story short (I will share our trip fun next blog entry), Sammy and Eva became the bestest of bestest of best friends. Sammy just loved running after her and Eva just loved being chased. Perfect world for them. Eva really came out of her shell and was egging him on, trying to get him to play. They became pretty much attached. He misses her, and we got a text pic of Eva sad without Sammy. This has made me so sure, and so excited to bring home our puppy.
In fact, while we were there we were coming up with names, looking for the right one. Brimley is his current name, and we are fond of it, and knew it would remain his middle name. We needed to come up with a name for his lazy, "whatever" attitude. Brimely is very laid back, not scared of a thing. Was great at running up to Sammy as he was spazzing over the kitties. Happy to run to person to person and check out the yard. Not getting too far, but definately exploring. But he was certainly BIG! He is going to be bigger than Sammy. The lady calls him, "the st. bernard of the corgi pack!" That should help sum up his size and 'tude! Haha.
So.....alas, Sammy's little brother is.....Norman Brimley!
Norman Brimley was born August 29, 2010. He will come home in a couple weeks. We still need to look at the calendar and determine the day. Normy will be a tri color, with a red head, ears and tushy and black back. He is our blackshirt! (You might hafta be a Husker fan for that!) Hopefully Sammy will be excited! And hopefully we will be wonderful with the mid-night potties! We got lucky with Sammy and didn't have any mid-night potties. He was too lazy to get up to potty! Haha.
I also finally got my camcorder I have been saving for, for 3 months! We got some video of Norman, Sammy and our whole trip. I will be trying to figure out the uploading and all that to share our Norman meeting. Until then, here are our photos. The first three are from the webpage of the breeder we are getting Norman from.

And these are Sammy, Norman and I for the first time!

Finally, to our readers. Once we get our newest addition, we are going to be needing a new name for our blog. Anyone have a suggestion? I'm really only at the obvious...."Adventures of Sammy and Norman." Any other ideas?


  1. Gah! How cute :) Which breeder are you getting him from??

    I think "Adventures of Sammy and Norman" is good :)

  2. we are getting norman from carol's corgis in green city, mo.

  3. Awww he is super cute!! I am sure Sammy and Norman will become best buds :)

  4. Can't wait to read more! He is such a cutie!!!

  5. awwwwwww he is sooo cute :D im so happy you decided on getting a little brother for sammy!!

    i like the adventures of sammy and norman :D

    cant wait to read more about norman!

  6. OMG look at that sweet baby face! Corgi puppies are cuteness overload! Congratulations on Norman Brinmley - can't wait to meet him!

  7. Congrats on the new addition!! :) Norman is a great name. Sammy is going to love being a big bro. I like The Adventures of Sammy and Norman. The only other ones I thought of were:
    Corgi Adventures starring Sammy & Norman!
    Sammy & Norman: The Adventure Brothers!

  8. This is so cool! Congratulations! We cannot wait until the boys are together!!

  9. oh my, what a cute "little" guy...can't wait to read more. and I like Adventures of Sammy and Norman too :-)

  10. congrats!!!! i am so excited for you guys :D norman is such a cute name too! :) love the title you suggested... and nice hair cut too!!!! :D..... ahhhh i want another puppy... :)