Friday, October 1, 2010

Big Bro?

Well, if that title didn't kinda tell you this blog entry, I don't what teaser to use! Over the last week Erik and I have looked into a corgi puppy more. I really wanted, kinda still want, to save a corgi or corgi mix. I love the whole puppy expierence, but the idea of saving a dog really makes me feel better. The idea of skipping teething and housebreaking is also quite alluring. However, there really are few and far between corgis to rescue here in the Omaha area. I really have my heart set on another corgi or corgi mix just because Sammy fits so well into our lifestyle and apartment. Not to mention we both have smaller cars, and then we wouldn't hafta worry about bigger or smaller being a problem. Plus his breed personalities really do work with us. And gosh darn it, they are just adorable! However, bringing in a grown corgi could be difficult in many ways for Sammy, the new dog, as well as for our place. All the articles I have read say when bringing in a second dog, the best results come from a younger dog of opposite gender than the existing dog. So in many ways a puppy would be easier on all of us.
There are very few breeders anywhere near us. Haven't found one within 5 hours of us. Because they are so few and far between, the supply and demand can make the price go up as well. I did find a breeder that is 5 and a half hours from us, about an hour and a half away from Erik's parents, that has an affordable price tag. They breed once a year, most years, as well as horses on a ranch. They have a few pictures online and they have tri colors. The male that would be the future dad is only 20 lbs! Sammy is more than 50% more weighing in at 32 lbs! He doesn't seem like a chunky monkey either! So a pup would most likely be smaller and fit in our cars and bed easily. (Hopefully.) They are looking to have puppies in March, bringing home the puppies in late May/early June.
But it's so hard to decide. It would be nice to have a little one for Sammy to wrestle with, play with, and have while we are at work. Plus, maybe he would learn to share better. On the other hand, potty training again, puppy food again, would this little one be a chewer (Sammy never once got the knack to chew and really never got into anything, ....ok so he ripped a present last Christmas, got trail mix out of Erik's backpack and has chewed up 3 or 4 plastic bottles, but nothing serious), walking and picking up the potty of two pups simulateously, fitting them in the car, would they want the same spot in bed? If we had a house, I would probably not hesitate a bit, but with our 900 sq ft apartment....little bit. My biggest concern, if Sammy could, would he choose to be a big brother or want to be an only dog?
When we go to the dogpark, Sammy picks puppies and little dogs and protects them. He doesn't allow others to rough house with them. Sammy loves just walking with the youngins. Sammy even lets me pet them at will. He does not allow this with older dogs. Sammy is a very social dog. He loves other dogs wherever they may be. Even driving by them on the road, he somewhat bounds toward them. But Sammy doesn't have to share me with any of these puppies. He can curl up with me whenever he wants, and often when I want him to. He can have all his toys whenever he wants them. He can have his bones whenever he wants them. He can sleep on the bed where ever he wants to. But often when we just get home, Sammy wants to play right away, and we want to sit for a half hour first. Would a puppy help him with this?
Ugh. So hard to decide what to do. The breeder already have 4 and a maybe on the waitlist. We have to decide fast. She invited us to her ranch to meet the future parents, which I want to do. She keeps all puppies as house pets until they go to their homes. Crate trained, and at least partially house broken as well as all the vaccinations and such to be expected from a breeder. All sounds great on that end, just deciding what we should do. Anyone have an opinion?

Also a couple reminders. I posted a post about the Paws it Forward package we got. We still are looking for dogs to Paw it Forward to. So if you are interested, please, please, PLEASE let me know! \
Secondly, in case you don't already know, the calendar is available.
Sammy is Mr. July and wants everyone to get it! Kelly did a fantastic job where they are many options. The Corgis with Blogs calendar (where Sammy is Mr. July), a digital calendar for your computer (also with Sammy as Mr. July) and a More Corgis with Blogs mini calendar with even more corgis!!


  1. im telling you now.....if i didnt have benny butters would drive my bonkers.

    benny helps so much with keeping him occupied which is a good thing since butterball is such a trouble maker.

    we only have problems with toys sometimes but they are learning to have me throw sutff so they both get turns and to play tugawar.

    its definitly fun to watch them both frap and wrestle :)

    i hope you get a puppy! if i can teach my stubborn buthead butterball...then you can handle sammy and a puppy :)

  2. I've been thinking about getting another dog too. My boyfriend wants a bigger dog, but I want another corgi (tri color boy to be exact). We do have to wait to get a place of our own. But Im sure you and Erik can handle Sammy and another puppy. You did good with the first one :-) Good luck on the decision, cant wait to hear the verdict.

  3. We are seriously considering getting Stanley a sibling. But I have the same thoughts as you. I want to do what's best for Stan and he's the spoiled only child right now but I think he would prefer some company. Everyone I know that has added a 2nd dog has nothing but wonderful things to say about having two. I say go for it ;)

  4. I decided that Bailey will get a little sibling next summer. I love corgis, and I am very tempted of adding a second corgi to the family, but just like you, I kind of want to rescue one. But the rescues are rather scarce here too...

    Good luck deciding, and can't wait to hear what you guys will do

  5. I don't think you should rush into it if you are not completely sure what to do. That is my opinion :) You will find the right pup for you when the time is right (which, may be now, but maybe not!). Just trust your gut!! :)

    Personally, I don't think I could handle two!! :)

  6. I agree with Kelly! Don't rush into it, and research as much as you can. You'll find the right pup!

  7. That's a big decision to make, good luck! I know with Kirby he might actually do good with a another dog in the house, but I don't think I could afford two dogs. That would be something else to consider, since you would have the double the cost of everything you have for Sammy. Have you tried to try and find corgis that need rescuing. We have had a few here in Michigan, maybe they would in Nebraska too. Take time to make such a big decision and you will find the right dog for your family. Good luck!

    Kirby's mom

  8. thanks for all the advice guys. we are really struggling with this decision. we thought we found the perfect fit in the shelter, (we saw her online first) but she was gone before we made it there. we were both really bummed and realized that we do want another corgi. we are taking a trip this upcoming weekend, and without me knowing, erik found a breeder with puppies (kinda sorta) on the way. we are going to stop with sammy and see how it goes. then make a choice after seeing his reaction with some corgi babies. otherwise, there is one other corgi available here in omaha that is a year old that has lived in an apartment and all that, that we are also interested in.