Thursday, January 21, 2010

Buh Bye Tennis Ball

For quite some time Sammy has had fun popping his tennis ball. By popping I mean, that initally I think he thought it was a squeaker, as so many of our toys are, and so he tried to squeak it. This meant chewing it, or clamping it. Sammy so frequently kills squeakers, without so much as a tear in the toy itself, that he continues to "squeak" it as he walks around with it in his mouth. Sammy also does this with the tennis ball. He walks around with it in his mouth, and because he has super powers in his jaw, it makes popping noises from his chewing.
Like all toys, except his fox, Sammy becomes restless and their inerds become of grave intrest to him. He wants to know what makes them squeak, and why they have stopped. The tennis ball  met that fate today. While I was sitting on the couch, checkin' out my facebook (I'm one of the people that enjoy farmville and mafia wars) Sammy has begun Operation Tennis Ball.
He began by just ripping off the white material. He found a rubbery interior. What could possibly be within that rubber ball? Sammy had to know! He found nothing more than air, but he had a lot of fun. Then he carried it around very proudly. I tried to get some good pictures, but he likes to bring it to me, too close to the camera. I hope these suffice.

"Mom, look what I discovered!"

"Can you stop with the flashes, they are distracting me!"

"I am going to lie here and pout til you are finished..."

"See how much fun it is, here play with me. I'll nose it to you."

"No, it's better when on your this..."

"But don't forget to smile!"

"Man, destroying toys takes alot out of a puppy, let me tell you!"

"...aaahhh.....that's more like it!"


  1. Hahahaha awww! He is so proud!!! Have you ever gotten him the tennis balls that do squeak? They're made by Kong, I believe. Sadie has them and LOVES them. She squeaks them incessantly haha and now refuses to play with balls that don't squeak. Spoiled.

  2. This is why Gibson does not get tennis balls! Everyone one he touches is instantly destroyed :(