Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hands On Deck!

I believe Sammy thinks he is a short, much cuter and smarter human. I'm sure I have contributed to this idea in his cute little puppy head. In fact, with many of his traits Erik and I say whether he got it from me or him. For example, he tosses and turns and rolls and stretches...etc trying to find that perfect spot to go to sleep, much like Erik. Once he is there, he is gone. There is no waking that crazy pup up! That he got from me. Sammy is also very ticklish, weird right? I am very ticklish as well. Sammy has crazy dreams, which reminds me I need to get a video of this sometime. He can growl and bark in his sleep as well as the cute little running paws. Those vivid (understatement) dreams, he got from Erik. He love, love, loves the snow, that he got from me. He can tolerate cold...Erik. Likes to Likes watching video games...Erik.
That list can go on and on...
Maybe we characterize him to ourselves too much or maybe I talk to him like he is a person too much, point is he thinks he is a person! He doesn't just, no, no too easy for Sammy. He does this weird raarr-aarra-aarrraa thing that is almost like he is trying to talk. He loves to be held like a baby. Not just on his back like an infant, but also like a toddler whre his rear end is situated on my hand/arm/wrist, legs spread one along my tummy and one around my hip, often with one paw around my arm and the other dangling and it's a toss up if he rests his head on my shoulder or if he is looking around. Weird, right? Now I must admit, I like it, too. It melts my heart. When I ask, "can I hold you" or "do you want me to hold you?" he jumps up on his hind legs with paws resting on my legs til I pick him up under his arms like a little kid!'s not just me he does this with! Sammy does it with Erik and I think my mom, too. In the mornings (and other times during the day) we jam out to the radio, and when a good song comes on I "hold him" and we dance! He loves it. More often, I don't pick him up and I tell Sammy "lets dance pup!" and he hops around on his hind legs while I bop back and forth. He has such a smile on his face! If I spin around, he follows and jumps when he can. Crazy pup!
Also asserting the idea he believes he is a human, he tries to grab his rope/fox/toy when we play tug of war! Can you believe that? Sammy used to just try to step on it if he could. Now, Sammy will put his paw up on top of the rope and paw at it like he is trying to grab it! He does this with his bone when he chews it also. That isn't so weird, I know. Sammy flips it and sets it upright with his paws. Even hold it down while he tries to pull peices off or eat peanut butter out of the center. Now, he holds his doggie ice cream cup with his paw so it doesn't slide! I think, he thinks he has hands!
Alot of times, I'm sure this is weird, too, but Erik and I like to wrestle (ish) with Sammy. I will pick him up and plop him on Erik and jump on top, or vise versa. Or I will hold Erik's hands down and get Sammy to give him kisses or jump on him. Weird stuff like that. Then we gang up on him and put him under a blanket and let him find his way out. Or hold him down and tickle him (he really is ticklish). ....(hmmm....wonder why he thinks he is a human?!?!)  In the last week he has started to learn how to tackle. For example, we were playing tug of war this morning, then the water for my hot chocolate started boiling so when I went toward the kitchen, Sammy ran up behind and jumped up on the back of my leg with  his arms wrapped around to the front! I was so astonished!
I'm wondering if we started something we shouldn't have. However, so far he has been really good about it all. When my little cousins were in this past weekend, and with friends' kids, after he hears no to jumping up he doesn't try again (usually). Sammy also knows the word "ow" and will immediately back up and sit and look at you until he knows it's ok. And because I am a dork, I taught him to "say you're sorry" and will give a little lick to your hand. Very rarely do I end up with a sratch or bruise and we dance and play everyday.
I wonder what he will do next to surprise me!

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