Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Leaves Are Vindictive

I don't need words for this post. Well, I could have words, and have before, but they just aren't enough when it comes to this silly puppy! I was up for a few hours this morning trying to study for my Sed. test before going to classes. Sammy was, ...very helpful. As I have said before, Sammy protects the apartment from all moving objects. Our biggest threat: leaves. Today is a crappy, rainy, windy day outside. He does not like not getting walks or getting to play outside, but he uses that energy wisely against the leaves that blow by our door. I have a little 3 minute-ish video to show what I have tried to explain before. (It started longer, but I can't get the darn thing to load. I'm not good at technology!)
This is Sammy trying to get to the leaves through the sliding glass window. This is taken after he had been attempting it for a while, and after getting yelled at for attacking the window for awhile. Anotherwords, this is him not at full speed; but it is a good image of what we deal with when the wind comes up!

On the plus side, it makes him a very tired pup!


  1. OMG so cute! Love the little wiggly butt!!! :)