Friday, November 20, 2009

Early Bird Gets the Worm, Lazy Dog Gets the Pillow

Sammy is a good sleeper. He is lazy for a seven month old puppy. He has lots of energy, but also lounges....alot! We have a nightly routine. When it is time for bed, we let him out, give him a potty treat, take him into the bedroom and put him in bed with a bone. We watch an episode of whatever tv show we are into at that time. (We have been watching Dexter, but we just finished season 2, and don't have season 3. So we have been making do with Friends.) Sammy begins by chewing his bone for a while at the foot of the bed. Once he is suffiently tired, he makes his way up the bed and takes one of my pillows (I happily share) and sleeps above my head, body stretched out on the pillow. Most days Erik works at 7 or 8am and will get up about 6am and lets (makes) Sammy out real fast, then Sammy comes back and takes his spot. I get up 8 or 830am and tell Sammy "Good Morning." He tries to ignore me and go back to sleep. I get up and drag him out of bed. Pick him up, give him a kiss and set him on the floor. He usually gets about one step before lowering his front paws to stretch them, and then you can watch was his body lowers every muscle down his body stretch until his back legs fall. He stands on his front paws and drags his frog-dogged legs to stretch his butt. Once he stands up, he arches his back (like the scaredy cat images at Halloween time) and yawns. He repeats two or three times before he is "with" it. Then I let him out, he quickly goes and runs back in for breakfast! He is so excited for it. I pour his kibble in a bowl for him, he sits and eats. I turn on the light for Obsidian and Pyrite and give them some fish food; then I get to begin my day. Lol.

Lately, to conserve energy and money Erik and I have been turning off the heater at night and bringing in extra blankets. This has made is so Sammy is no longer doing alright at the head of the bed by himself. He starts with his bone on the foot of the bed, then ascending to the pillow. However, then he begins to feel a draft so he slowly moves on top of the pillow my head is on and curls up with my head. We have to battle it out and find a compromise. This doesn't last long because the draft becomes stronger. Sometimes he goes for Erik's pillow (always a losing battle) and other times he just starts making his way down between us. We are beginning to have more of the latter.

Last night was one of those nights where he just kept crawling getting comfortable between us. It really is quite cute! I think it is anyway. I love curling up with my little cuddle bug! Anyway, between his late sleeping and cold nights, this is how we woke up this morning:

Well, basically that is how we woke up. He fidgetted a little before I could get my camera phone working. Every time I see him like this, I just have to think, it must be tough to be a puppy!

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  1. Man, I wish! Gibson is like a pop tart in the morning! As soon as I open my eyes, he knows I am awake and fidgets until I sit up and he is ready to go! :)