Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Dog in the Speaker

Last night after I got off work, Sammy and Erik were relaxing watching Futurama. When I came in Sammy was on the ground next to his bone on the ground looking very drowsy. I always like when he looks tired when I get home from work, maybe I can relax. Usually that is not the case. Even when he looks tired, my sweet little Sam will wake up and be full of energy and want a play session. It is almost more scary when he is just fine sleeping when I get home.

Anyway, so I come home to a tired looking puppy. He was tired! Sammy didn't want to dissappoint though. He jumped right up, ears up, smile big, tounge hanging out and eyes sparkling! It really is the best way to come home, to a puppy at the door waiting for you. Sammy wanted to want to play, but he really was just too tired. Erik was on the couch, so after giving Sammy a proper hello, taking off my coat and dropping my bag down, I decided to join him. Sammy just laid down on the middle of the floor. I'm not the biggest fan of Futurama, not a bad show, enjoyable, but not something I miss when I don't see it. But it was particularly enjoyable considering the lucky circumstances where Sammy was comfortable without a game of hide and go seek.

A new episode starts and it has something or another to do with whats-his-name (the main character who is in the future but from our "time") somehow got his dog. Well, something with they found a dog remains and it was just right so they could get the DNA and clone him, so he could have his dog with him in the future. Honestly, for my intents and purposes it doesn't matter. It was funny, but as you can probably gather, I was distracted from the show and didn't quite get the full story (I should probably rewatch it and figure it out). This dog, like all dogs, liked to bark. Sammy was all sorts of distraught about this barking! We were watching from the boxset dvd that was in the game system in the living room (not sure which, its all the same to me) where the sound is wired through our stereo. I promise I am half explaining this for a reason, this means the dog sound is good and is coming from the speaker on the floor alongside the tv. Sammy was in the middle of the room asleep.

This sudden dog barking during Sammy's slumber woke him up, and startled him! When he jumps awake suddenly, like humans it's not so graceful. He was all stretched out and so when he jumped his front end (head neck and front paws) bounced up, and his rear end (butt and back paws) was also lifted up. As for that long middle corgis are so well known for...still on the ground! It's really funny and cute to see. Not so cute is the alarm written on his eyes. Corgis are little (very little) protectors. For a while he barked at Erik for touching me (boy did that make things happy around here). No hugs allowed, according to Sammy, unless it was Sammy! Sammy wanted to make sure there wasn't another dog in his apartment without him knowing. He didn't see anything, so I think he thought he dreamed it, and relaxed back on the floor. Then the dog barked again, and Sammy jumped right to attention, looked around the apartment. Nothing. Went to the door looked into our "yard." Nothing. He was baffled. As if on cue, the dog on tv didn't just bark twice like before, but a more constant bark. Sammy knew it was here, here somewhere. He looked at the speaker. BINGO! No dog though, so he stood up and walked towards it. No dog. Walked to the back side, sniffed the back. No dog. Looked behind the tv. No dog.

Bark, bark bark! He ran back around and stared at the front side of the speaker. Then he did the thing where he cocks his head back and forth trying to understand. Finally the dog barking subsided. Temporarily.

A few minutes later, the dog barked again. He jumped right to the speaker and stared at it! Then like a sudden ephinany, he looked up at the tv screen. Sammy was watching Futurama with us! He was cocking his head back and forth and watching the screen. When a dog (either that dog or the robot dog (Bender's dog)) would bark, his attention would divert to the speaker, but right back to the tv. Soon, he was a dog again, and was not at all interested in the images on the tv and laid down again. But any time that dog would bark, he watched the speaker just in case a dog jumped out!

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