Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alls Well That Ends with Treats

Sammy is not a fat pup...yet. Sammy has these eyes that tend to get him extra treats. Lots and lots of extra treats. He has these puppy eyes, and I think his lack of white up his nose like his corgi cousins makes him look eternally puppy (even though he really is):I already have trouble not giving in to those eyes and giving him more than he should have, but then he is such a good, mature 7 month old pup when we take him to crazy events, and he windles more out of me....
Yesterday was an interesting day for us, as a family. We had a new experience. Erik's grandpa passed away a while ago and left alot of stuff for us to clean up. I can't really describe it to it's full extent, but we (Erik's parents, brother and wife, then the 2 of us) gathered together yesterday to make a dent. Our mission for the day, clean one shed. It was basically floor to ceiling of mechanical stuff, of which I have no idea what it all was. We brought Sammy with us, and he and Bella (his black lab cousin) where staked out on the lawn with rawhides (they didn't touch because they didn't like not having their people) and a bowl of water. Bella whined and whined and Sammy barked and barked. His barking started as soon as the machinery started. Adam (Erik's brother) used a torch of some kind to take apart things, and we had a mini bulldozer thing to carry the giant loads of heavy things to the dumpsters (no, that is not a typo: dumsterS). Sammy was unhappy by the crazy loud noises, and probably thought the bulldozer thing ate me. Who knows, he is very protective. Then he kept wrapping himself around the tree...the whole time!
Around lunchtime we took him for a little walk around the property. Erik's grandma has the land rented out to a local farmer to farm corn. Everything has been harvested, so looks very brown, dry and bland...but that is decieving. I have never been in a corn field before (and neither had Sammy) so the bumpy and wet land surprised me. It looks so flat! Sammy had a good ole time jumping over the stalk remainders (I'm not a good hick, I don't know what any of these farm terms) and sliding through the mud. He was a good farm dog. After our walk, he did much better relaxing...for a while. We finally finished up and then there was gunfire. He was unpleased about the gunfire. I had to hold him like a baby for him to sorta settle. We left shortly after and headed back for Omaha. The whole time we were there, he didn't sleep a wink, so he passed out in the car all the way back home.
We stopped at our apartment and changed from our muddy clothes and headed for my mom's to watch the Husker game (we don't have tv at our place). He loves going over there and getting extra treats and also getting to run after cats and extra attention. Sammy and my kitty Jordan love to not get along. They like to tease each other, and Jordan is better at teasing Sammy than the reverse. For about the first half of the game, Sammy had no idea Jordan was on the back of the chair. All was quiet and good. Halftime ended that. Then the remaining game was a battle of the Sammy bark vs Erik yell! I think it was a draw. Basically this adventure ended with a Husker win, and other couple hours of Sammy awake. He came home and barely made it in before he passed out. Sammy was out til morning.
Today Erik and I left Sammy to his sleeping while we finished up getting Christmas decor so I can put it out on Friday. After combing stores upon stores, I finally found an ornament for Sammy's first Christmas!
And I got his stocking!

When we got home Sammy was still passed out and when he got up he was limping. This caused me tons of distress. He was not stepping down on his paw. After inspecting it and him walking around, it seems like he might have just stepped on it wrong yesterday in the cornfield, because after walking just a couple of steps he seems just fine. To his dismay, even his hurt paw didn't get him out of a bath. He did not smell good from the farm. But after his bath, he came out and had some supper yummy doggie ice cream and then lounged on our laps. Erik netflixed blue planet, and then Sammy got his real, thank you for being the best dog ever bone:
He was a VERY happy puppy!

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