Thursday, October 8, 2009


Sammy is the most beautiful pembroke welsh corgi in the world!!!! I'm probably a little biased, but oh well. Sammy keeps me very entertained and on my toes. I always have so many Sammy stories, so now I can share them much, much easier! Today was Sammy's 2 month anniversary of his homecoming! This is something I was particularly excited to celebrate (like his 6 month birthday this Saturday, Oct. 10 (gifts welcome)). However, today I should share that he is not feeling very well. Sunday, Sammy was unhappy to be alone while both Erik and I were at work, so he started sniffing around. He sniffed a little too close to Erik's backpaack where he was able to find an open trail mix. Not just any trail mix, mind you. It was some kind of energy induced trail mix. This super trail mix was comprised of peanuts, m&ms and raisins. What I quickly learned Sunday when I got home was how raisins are a natural diarhetic. Sammy was scratching at the door frequently and for the duration of Sunday. Monday was a so-so day for him. A lathargic, yeah I guess I can chew on my bone kind of a day. By Monday night, he was slowly slipping into a "uuggghhh" state. His bathroom deposits resembled non-digested, whole peanuts. (A delight to pick up around the apartment complex.) Tuesday was most definately not any better. He was very upset at the prospect of me leaving. Sammy has learned that my backpack is the anti-Sammy. He knows that means I will be gone for a little while, left to his own entertaining. However, this was the worst I've ever seen him! He sat at the door and barked at me. Then he took to licking me. I almost skipped class for my little baby! I came back to him once again completely inmobile! He kept asking to go out (he knows to lightly scratch the door) and everytime the poor little guy tried to potty, but every attempt was futile. Whoever said dogs can't mope has never met a sick corgi! Later that evening he did have quite a bit of smelly success. Luckily, it was not my turn to take him out! He came in bustling like the proud little toddlers on the pampers "I'm a big kid now" commercials. Then we resumed our fetch lessons (yes, I hafta teach him how to fetch, it does not come naturally to my pup). Then it was bed early for Sammy. Today was a late morning having to drag him out of bed. All day he has been a little bit lazy again. Sammy pulls out toy after toy (he has his own toybox) and drops them, then drops himself and stares at it like "please bring me the energy to play." Right now he is sitting on the floor chewing a bone, so maybe that is a good sign for tomorrow, and more importantly Saturday!

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