Monday, October 12, 2009

half birthdays don't mean half a cake!

Sammy turned 6 months on Saturday! His half birthday was probably more for me than eveyone eles combined, but that's ok, everyone had fun!!! Friday was the preparation day, starting with petco (where the pets go!!) Sammy loves petco trips, let me tell you! We know the petco workers, and they know Sammy. He walks out probably a pound heavier from all the treats he is given! We grabbed some doggie food while we were there, and this is the only instance where I can't wait til he is a year old so we can buy dog food instead of expensive puppy food! Anyway, so then it was time to get his birthday present....his sweatshirt! He really likes his little WOOF hoodie, too! Of course we hit up the treat bar on the way out and on we go to get his birthday cookie! We went to the mall to the petstore thingy by the food court and there are a MILLION things I feel like i should get him there, so it took a bit, but eventually I made my way to the special cookies. We ended up with the peanut butter cookie, double dipped in doggie chocolate, and there was a cute little heart on the end. Next on the list was Petland. I need to clarify that we didn't go there for his birthday, instead we went there to check on harnesses because he needs a bigger one, he is getting humongous! I ended up finding a bone that was a shape of a corn on the cob, and it was bacon flavored! They had a bunch of things on sale like that (ie: bbq ribs) that were on sale from the summer. After petland, we had to go to our fourth petstore of the day, petsmart. Finally, I got his baby book! Sammy had soo much fun on Friday getting all the stuff that I hoped for something special on Saturday to slightly overshadow Friday. And I got it.....

We woke up Saturday to....SNOW!
Not the usual, dusting, sloppy snow, but a wonderful giant flakes, 3" of snow! I got all suited up and took Sammy out for his first steps. Yes, it was small steps for dogs, but a big leap for Sammy! Immediately he LOVED it. He ran and ran. Then he learned how to open his mouth and walk to eat snow followed by just burying his head in the snow! After that Sammy got sleepy and had to take a nap for the second part of his day. We got snazzy, and went to the grandparents/great grandparents. Erik, Sammy and I got some pictures taken outside in the first snow. Then we went to my grandparents and he got his birthday cookie! I think my grandma, Monie, and I might have liked the cookie as much as Sammy did. We really enjoyed watching him take it down! He was a great pup, he didn't just gobble it down, rather he liked off the chocolate, then picked it up, flipped it over (no chocolate spilling), and licked the opposite side. Once it was ok, he then started eating the peanut butter cookie, piece by piece. You can tell Sammy is an only dog, he doesn't feel the need to inhale his treats, food, or anything else. Nor is he worried about protecting it from others! It's all about Sammy, and he knows it. In fact, he might not make it in a big dog family because his senses aren't as fine as with dogs that have siblings to compete for food with!

After finishing his birthday cookie, Sammy got presents. I hafta say, my mom picked out the greatest toy for her grandpuppy! He got a little stuffed goose. Sammy loves this goose so much, probably because the sqeaker sounds like a goose! That night when we came home, Sammy walked around and around just squeaking his goose. Sammy has his own little clubhouse. Behind the chair and couch, is Sammy-land. He goes back there to take a nap in the dark, but not far away from the action, so he is still involved. He takes stuff back there that he doesn't want to share. But being the cute little ADD dog that he is, nothing stays back there because after he goes through all the trouble of hiding his rawhide in his clubhouse, then he decides it sounds like a tasty idea! So he always ends up going back and bringing it back out to the living room and chewing it for a while. He now has his route where he runs through his clubhouse, under the breakfast bar, through the dining room, down the hall, into the bedroom, back around out the bedroom, back up the hall, through the dining room, across the living room to the entrance of his club house and back the the beginning. It's the Sammy circle. He took his new goose and walked the Sammy circle for almost an hour and the whole time "quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack..........etc" without so much as stopping for a drink or to sit. Erik and I couldn't help but sit on the couch and watch. We couldn't move to disrupt his fun!

Once he was finished, his half birthday was completed with his peanut butter surprise! I took his bone and shoved some peanut butter in it, then froze it for some time. He enjoyed it immensely! Sammy then passed out from all excitement! Sunday he got his corn on the cob, but slept almost the whole rest of the day!! He was awake for awhile to go visit his BFF, Grant. Grant (and his family) moved into a new house and Sammy wanted to take Grant one of his halloween black cat treats as a housewarming gift. What a sweet baby! Then they ran and ran like crazy dogs so Sammy could come sleep all night long!

Sammy had a great birthday weekend! Now we can't wait for his real birthday in just 5 months and 28 days.....and counting!!!

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