Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snowy Walks

This winter we have not been hit with snow nearly as hard as last year. The South and East Coast got it this year! We have still had some snow, and as expected Norman loves it just as much, if not more than Sammy. You would think they are snow dogs! We have more had just constant super cold temperatures. Hence, no snow; too cold. Surprisingly, Norman is like a super dog, and handles the zero/subzero temps infinately better than Sammy. Sammy gets just outside the door, wind hits him, and he turns back to inside without pottying. Norman, well he...he just bounds out like it's 70 and beautiful. He still bounces around outside and tries to tackle Sammy (Sammy does NOT appreciate!). In particular, I enjoy Sammy's leg hobble to the snow.
Sammy demands his privacy when pottying. He is weird. Sammy can't just potty anywhere (less I remind you of our last apartment, getting a ground level to make it easy; then he wouldn't potty anywhere on that side of the building) but only has a couple locations acceptable. And these locations are fairly off the beaten path, and really kinda suck since they are where the wind blows strong and piles up the snow, currently half way up my shin. Norman, just goes when he gets out the door, then plays the rest of the time outside.
Although the cold doesn't phase them much, it does me. I am much more of a chicken. Their walks have decreased so much, that for a few weeks we didn't have any but around the complex! It was cold. We had a couple days with the windchill -35. I thought my nose would fall off. So once the temp was above freezing, I braved taking them for a couple walks.
The first was very short, but they had a fantastic time. And even met another dog. I talked my mom into a short walk around the pond 5 or 6 blocks down the road. Sammy started with my mom, and Sammy loved it. Rather than Erik and I just stopping til he calms down and walks nicely, she tries to keep up and let him have fun. Later, we switched and Norman got to have that fun adventure. It was a beautiful evening (looks, temperature was only nice relative to the previous days) and I was able to snap a couple photos.

This walk only made me want to take them on another. Sammy loves his walks. He loves sniffing and meeting other dogs and people. He comes home with the biggest smile on his face, you would think he got a bowl of peanut butter, bacon and cheese. Norman had gone on a couple walks in November, but he was less than 3 months old, so the walks wore him out fast. Now, barely slows him down, but he was able to enjoy the smells, sights, sounds, probably tastes, and everything else dogs love about their walks. So that weekend, we took the boys to one of our favorite walks, Memorial and Elmwood Parks. We went into the creek a little and got some fun photos.

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