Friday, February 11, 2011

Momma!!! Momma!!! Mommm... ....oops....

Norman is just more than 5 months. He is overall potty trained. However, sometimes it sneaks up on him. And it is such a surprise, it's really cute. For example he was so excited for his dinner he waas bouncing around. Once the bowl hit the floor his mouth was smashed the bottom. Not too many bites in, I look over and he has a yellow puddle growing around him. Sammy notices, and he doesn't want anything to do with something that would disappoint us, so he swivels around his food bowl to position his body as far away from Norman as he could, while still chowing down. I jump up to grab towels, and suddenly Norman notices and he stops, looks at me and goes to town on his food. He keeps his body on the opposite side of the bowl as me as he continued to eat faster than I have seen any dog eat before. Once he finished, he bolted to the bedroom and hid under the bed. Sammy finished his bowl and went to the couch.
Norman doesn't have too many problems like this. Maybe one every week to two weeks depending upon what kind of commotion is going on. Earlier this week was another one of these instances. I came home from work. Erik was home and studying at the dining room table. The boys appeared to have been sleeping. Sammy jumped off the couch to say hi while yawning. And Norman bounded over with semi drowsy eyes.
I took off my coat and threw down my purse and gave them hugs. Took them to the couch so I could have one boy on each side. As I am petting them and asking Erik about his day, my leg starts to feel some warmth. I look down and I see a yellow river going down the couch into my leg. I yell, "Norman, Norman, Norman!!" and jump up to get towels. Norman looks down, looks up and runs to the bedroom to hid under the bed. Sammy looks over, and he gets down and goes to the corner of the living room and watches with his ears down.
We take rags to the excess urine and then strip the material off the couch cusion and immediately put in into the washer. Then we both laughed. And, I was happy that Norman was so happy to see me that he pottied! I told Sammy he was a good boy, then tried to coax Norman out from under the bed. After a couple minutes, he came out. He got his belly wiped off and both we outside to potty. We came back in and immediatley those two stinker butts curled up on the missing cushion.

The material had to be air fluff dry to keep from shrinking, so it took like a day of drying, and all is good! Until then, the boys enjoyed napping there. Almost seemed sad they would have a cushion back. And there is no trace of urine.


  1. Awww poor little guy! He gets so excited! I'm sure he'll grow out of that.

    Love the pics. Looks like they're becoming best buds! So cute.

  2. awww, poor Norman...:-( I have to admit though, the way you told the story made me giggle...
    He sure is getting big. Very adorable though of course. Looks a bit like Bailey :-)

    Bailey is pretty much housetrained, but she she gets so obsessive when she plays with her ball inside the house that she cannot be bothered to stop and go outside to potty :(