Thursday, November 18, 2010

We're Back...Again!

Thank you all for still being our readers! We are very sorry we have not checked in for some time. This week I got sick, with what we assume to be some kind of flu. Not the typical, can barely get out of bed, wake up three days later flu; but enough that I really didn't feel like doing anything but cuddling with my boys for four days til the fever would break! Not that they wanted to lay around for 4 days. Sammy was great, as usual. He has always had that super sense of know when anything was off-center. He tends to go to cling mode at the first sign of tilting. He was ok curling up with me. Norman wasn't quite sure what was up. All else fails, play. Sammy gets annoyed with this. So...Sammy tries to herd him into what Sammy believes to be the proper procedure when Mom is down. Norman of course sees this as, "yay, Sammy play!" This irritates Sammy so Sammy hasta run him down. Norman wins. Plus, Sammy really enjoys Norman gets the double win and Sammy wins, too. The two run laps and circles, tug of war, who can keep the bone the longest...and other corgi games. Norman tires out and ends up on my belly. Sammy just couldn't handle the heat (I couldn't get warm and had the heater blarring!) Poor Sammy, that's where he wanted in the first place. But we end up in bed, and Sammy is definately king of that realm, though Norman is beginning to raise a coup!

Life with Norman has been fantastic. We are nearing the three week mark. But really, that doesn't seem like long enough. Almost seems like we have always had both of these boys. Plus, to see how big he has, has to be more than a measly 21 days, right! I really don't think one would know what to do without the other now. They are definately bonded. They are, for sure, brothers!

Norman has hit alot of firsts already. Kind of sad to think that most of them are over. We have done the first stairs:

our first walk:

our first brother cuddle:

our first perfect photo:

our first team up, using each other's strengths, for the common goal of food!

our first roadtrip (excluding coming home):

and I saved the best (photo op first) for last....
our first bath!

Norman freaked out! Did NOT like! I put both in the bath together, assuming that would help. Sammy is a weird dog. He is just fine with baths. In fact, seems to enjoys them. Doesn't really enjoy the water pouring on him, or getting his face or ears clean, and hates getting his teeth brushed, but takes it like a champ. Always turns his head asking when asking if it's bath time. And once he's done....he goes for the strut around the apartment, gotta show everyone how handsome he is all clean! I had this huge hope that his calmness would help Norman through his first bath. I knew there was no way I would have two in a row ok with baths! Although we did get two in a row that slept through through the night on night one! (*Big giant YES! motion*) Norman was so distraught, there is a chance he forgot that Sammy was there!
Norman was instantly in a panic when the first paw hit the water. He went for getting out. No matter what it took. Sammy seemed confused by all this. He watched, in what looked like a state of confusion! If Sammy could raise his brow, he would have. He backed up, and after a couple minutes of Norman's constant panic and trying to climb up my arms (without any forward progress, but scratches none the less) Sammy just sat down in the back of the tub. Seriously, what dog does that? Norman calmed enough for me to get the bath done. Or good enough. It was a good first bath, not perfect.
He did find Sammy's very favorite part of the bath experience to also be worthwhile! The yummy, good bath treat! We were lucky to have had Erik's sister and mom over just before, and they brought awesome treats from the Three Dog Bakery.

And if I'm not mistaken, it really helped! Bath number two, after road trip number one, went a million times easier. Not quite great, but so much better. I also had a heart to heart with him, telling him he had to get over it, it's a big part of his new little world! I love my babies clean! ...maybe that's what did the trick!


  1. Congratulations on getting Norman! What a cutie, I absolutely love his ears!! Glad to hear that Sammy is loving him too. Can't wait to hear about more adventures of the brothers!

    Kirby's Mom

  2. So happy they're best buds! Love the bath pics haha.