Sunday, November 21, 2010

Momma Does Love Us!

Friday night, after we both got off of work, Erik and I went out to a semi-nice dinner. Just the two of us. It was really fun and we had a great time. But there is very little that can upset two corgis more than their people leaving 15 minutes after getting home from being gone ALL day. Especially when 10 of those minutes are wasted on a potty walk!
After being gone for a whole hour and a half, we finally came back to the neglected doggies. Sammy tried to give us the cold shoulder. Not only is he too much of a people dog, too much of a lover to succeed at this, but Norman was way too estatic to see us. Sammy quickly got jealous of all the attention Norman was giving us and got in return. Norman gave my whole face a fresh licking. Just to say, "I love you! Oh, and you're mine!"
All that affection works up quite the appetite for two neglected pups, too! So while Erik took them out, I got their dinner ready. A quite delightful dinner. With an extra special candy cane cookie from Just Dogs gourmet shop! They even smelled good to us!

And by the end, I think they forgot we left them for a whole hour and a half!