Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bigger is Better

Bigger apartment means more places to relax!

Me on my new couch. It's comfy.

Me drowsy after relaxing in the sun.

Me in the middle of the living room.

The living room is quite comfy.

Haven't finished our bedroom, yet. Only got the new quilt, not the sheets or comforter, but Sammy seems to approve so far!!

"On my dad's coat. New home doesn't mean he will remember to pick up his coat!"

"This table isn't as good as the other. They don't spill as much. I get less yummies. Sigh. But I do have more room underneath. Sure wish my parents would get their storage unit so they could put the card table, chairs, fishing and camping stuff there and out of my way!!! And the darn bikes and toolbox off of MY deck!!"

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Charlie & Me

The other night, I had another overnight at work. Sammy does not handle my overnights well, and the poor puppy will not like next week when i have 3 in a row! Apparently he wouldn't go to bed on his own and once there wouldn't go to sleep. I got home earlier than expected (330am) and Sammy curled up right on me. We got up about 930am and I felt fine, but the change in routine did not set well with Sammy. He constantly tried to go back to bed. While doing the dishes Sammy snuck into the bedroom, grabbed Charlie and was trying to figure out how to get on top of the bed.
Charlie is such a great security blanket for Sammy!

(Bedroom is a work in progress. Next paycheck is going towards new sheets and comforter. Luckily Sammy doesn't understand this and just loves to lay in bed!)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Itchy Little Buggers

Around the time we began our move, we noticed Sammy was a little more itchy than usual. The weather was a roller coaster, and his winter coat was coming in, but then shedding ALOT on the warm days. We both attributed alot of it to that, but it was still ALOT of itching. Took a closer look and found nasty little black things in his fur.


Not a fun feeling. Not at all. Erik got to give Sammy a flea bath while I started cleaning and washing the bedding. Sammy doesn't usually get baths from Erik, this might be the second time, and this was a more serious bath. He was a little bit uneasy about this bath.

I felt so bad for my itchy little puppy. There weren't too many fleas, so we definately caught it fast! Sammy slept so well last night, the itching might have stopped his sound sleeping, as well as it must have taken all his energy to make it through this, oh so traumatic situation. Haha. Today though, he is a bit tender where the fleas were. They were contained in his tushy fur, and around his back legs. It was well washed, then brushed post bath. Now even just petting him there, he seems uneasy about. For his sake, and ours, I sure hope this is the only flea bath he needs. And we NEVER see these little buggers:

Sunday, September 26, 2010

'Sker Stylin'

Last night Nebraksa played South Dakota State. It was Nebraska's homecoming. The game did not go well. Yes they won, but really they shouldn't have. It was a very long game for those watching.
Luckily for Sammy, who doesn't understand the whole football thing, they was not any less yummy handouts just because the Husker's forgot to show up. Unfortunately for Sammy, his Momma gets all supersticious in such events and made him wear his jersey until she felt it was ok for him to be without. Actually, this may have given him more pity treats, so maybe he should be thankful.
Nonetheless, Sammy had a wonderful time up at my grandma's to watch another football game. And he looked just adorable in Husker Red!

(I really should have pulled his jersey down for this one, it would have been just perfect, but I worry he might accidentally potty on it!)

Boy, does he just love having a great big yard! So big he doesn't know where it ends!I think he has found the fence once.

"Go 'Skers! You can do it! ....pweease. It would make my Momma and Dad happy!"

"It's not getting any better is it, Mom?"

"Wake me when the team decides to show up and play..."

Sammy got to enjoy his own bowl of homemade apple crisp! Isn't he a lucky puppy!!

Corgis really do sleep in such interesting ways. I mean, really, does his tushy need a pillow more than his head?

"My dear Huskers. I am still your biggest canine fan. My pawrents still are amongst your large Nebraska fan base. But please, get it back to where you were and get ready for the rest of the season. Soon please, I wouldn't mind not wearing the jersey, like my Momma will make me do in her nervousness when you don't play as well as you have shown you can! Thank you, Sammy!"

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Room

When moving, we thought having a second bedroom for guests was among the features we were hoping for. We were able to find it within our price limitations. What we didn't expect was Sammy to believe that it would be HIS room.
Last Friday we were able to move in furniture from my mom's. I had a full size bed, and that would fit in my mom's van, but our queen size bed would not. So Friday was a big moving day. Immediately, Sammy loved the bed, as well as the second bedroom in general. He was right in the mix every step of the way, something I really don't advise for small animals, unless their presence is as large as the Samster's!

That evening we decided to sleep in our new apartment. Something Erik might have regretted later, since it was a full not a queen. However, we had no food so we splurged on some chinese food. We also had no table, this mean Sammy was on cloud 9, we were eating on the floor just like Sammy! Except I had yummy orange chicken, and Erik had pork something chinese pancakes while Sammy had kibbles with canned beef mixed in.

"Drops some, drops some!!"

His toybox, pillow and Charlie got moved, and that pretty much made our new home for him. I don't think he has really looked back. Now Sammy has two drawers all to himself in HIS room. We frequently find him in HIS room, and if ANYONE dares to enter, he must follow and jump on the bed. And after all his moving in and decorating, he wants to show off his new room! It's not quite done. We still need to get the curtains (I've almost finished making) up and two more pillows first and foremost, then little touches, but Sammy feels quite at home now.

He is ready for company!
And he wants to make sure everyone sees how he has really put himself into his artwork for the wall!! Soon he hopes to have a fantastic illustration of himself to put up on the wall! It's on his Christmas list!! :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Paws it Forward

Sammy was lucky enough to recieve a Paws it Forward Package from Bailey (from It was a bright light in Sammy's moving experience!

"Wants to OPEN!!"

"Hurry, hurry....hurry! hurry! hurry!....."


"I's loves it. It's mys!"

"More? For moi?!"

"Lookie...that says Sammy! That's me!"

"That's mys stuff from Bailey! I's a happy corgi!"

"Me's with my stuff. Looks, it's more than me!"

"No Momma, that's mine. I know you likes it, but it's mines. READ the package. 'To Sammy!'"

"Hey....that's not me! How could they make a corgi card and NOT feature me! My Momma says I's the cutest! ....I guess that corgi is kinda cute, too. But not as cute."
Thanks Bailey & Karen!!!

Ok, you know this part. Now Sammy gets to Paw it Forward to the first two who comment below. I think most of our readers have already participated, so if you know someone, send it along please. We would love to send it on!! Post a comment with your name and email, and I will get back to you as soon as I can to get your address to send it along!