Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Walking the Humans

It seems as though Sammy thinks, more and more, that he is in charge of the walks. Seriously, it's as if he is trying to make sure we get our exercise in. My arms have become well toned trying to fight him and teach him that NO, we tall two legged people are the walking directors. How can a little 31 lb, less than a foot tall dog be so hard to control? Apparently quite easily. ...And this is how I know I won't be making any headway (try as I might):


Remind anyone of their corgi excursions?

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Sammy and I have been a little MIA around the internet, and frankly the world, this past week. I work retail, and every now and again they get the hankerin to change up the store and give it a face lift. This past week was my store's turn. In order to do this without scaring away customers and efficently as possible, this means everything happens while the store is closed. .....duh duuuh, daaaaahhh.....OVERNIGHTS! It was quite an exciting experience, all in all. I started with a four hour shift, 6-10am, last Sunday morning, then started the overnight Project Team that Sunday night. We started at 9 pm and worked til we finished what was allocated to us that night. Every night toggled right around 12 hours. It was a pretty crazy experience. It included moving lots of huge, greatly heavy things, reorganizing stuff that was there, hooking up electronics I've never heard of, and all of it when I'm used to sleeping. We all took our 15 minute breaks together, and our lunch breaks together which meant I was able to watch boy cartoons at awkward hours in the middle of the night, since I was one of two girls. But it was fun. If it wasn't night shifts, and could some how happen during daytime, I would be all over that job! The paycheck will be fantastic, I ended up clocking 67 hours last week.
The downside was not really being able to hang out with Sammy (and Erik). The first night, Sammy seemed all sorts of confused. It didn't get too much better the rest of the week either. I don't think he slept all that fantastically because when I would come home, first we would be all jazzed to see each other, but then we would make it into the bedroom and we would both pass out. The first couple of days were ok, I really couldn't sleep too much during the day. But after the last night, that's all I could do was sleep ALL day long. At that point it seemed like I wasn't ever seeing my Sammy doodle! Today, I had a morning meeting, then the rest of the day I have just been spending with him! He has been very cuddly (especially during my frustrated time watching the USA-Ghana game) and never getting too far away. And if I do, or I'm not paying enough attention, I get lots of whines and whimpers to tell me so!
This week we will hafta do some super fun stuff to make up for all of our time lost! Hope everyone else had a super week! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wormy....Wormy Mine!!

Just the other day we were able to take Sammy on his second fishing trip. To him, it might have really been his first since his first was probably overshadowed by all the camping. I have been so excited to get Sammy all ready for fishing, camping and hopefully swimming! I remember doing all this with all the dogs my dad has had (all hunting dogs, more natural for them) and hoped that Sammy would love it as much as I have thought they have.
It was more or less a spur of the moment thing. We drove down to Bellevue

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(we live around the area Northeast of Boys Town, but West of I-680) and went to Hayworth Park which has a little marina on the Missouri River. The Keystone Trail runs right along the side, and actually it runs from fairly North in Omaha, winds through, through LaVista, Papillion, Bellevue and into Council Bluffs I've heard.
When we got to the parking lot at Hayworth we saw two cars we knew! First we saw Erik's sister's car then my mom's van! Quickly after we saw Erik's sister and their dog, Max! Her fiancee was the one who found the fishing hole from their walks with Max.
Both Sammy and Max were way to wound up, so we had to separate because there was way too many other people and things going on to deal with it all. So we got going on the trail, which is somewhat acts as a dike for the farmland around the park. It sits well above the local terrain, which is great because it has been flooded with all of our rain and rain North of Omaha.
Hayworth Park offers some camping spots as well as lots of picnic areas, playground equipment and a marina. In our pictures you can see the water almost to the roof of picnic stuctures, picnic tables floating (the green things), porta pottys floating and overturned (and dumpsters!) and the road flooding over.

After walking past the park area, the farmers field has been completely flooded over on the East side, with large puddles on the West side of the trail.

Sammy immediately went into his little ADD mode. He had to smell all the smells, try to get to the water, follow bugs, want to see every person that walked by, and watch those coming up behind. It is probably no surprise Max and Erik's sister were able to easily catch up to us! We were able to walk alongside them until we made it to our fishing hole. Along the way, Sammy used all his energy up fast, and then tried to trick us into laying down and stopping. At one point we thought we were gonna end up carrying him back! It was about a 20 minute walk, in total, to our destination. Our destination was a normal channel that came through, however it was much higher than usual. Next to our location, there was this dumpster that got washed up!

There was a family there when we got there, all of who were very excited to see a corgi. Sammy was happy to let them. He was doted on until they left about a half hour later. Once we got there, we put Sammy's stake and rope into the ground so he was able to have some room to roam. Only restricting him from going up to the trail. We also brought him a water bowl and water, and we got that set up for him in the shade. Then we started getting our poles set up. This was quite difficult with Sammy and the family all interacting, but we were able to get it done!
Once it came time to cast, Sammy got very interested. He tried to jump up to get the worm and bobber. Unfortunately the worm is attached to a hook, and made me very nervous everytime he found casting and reeling in interesting. As it would cast out, he went so far as to run to the water front chasing it! Silly puppy!
After a little while, I wanted to move in closer to the channel, and that silly puppy nearly lost it! I was out of his area and he couldn't get to me. However, this gave me the most hope, because he took to the water. He walked right in, and stood in the water up to his neck and barked at me! Yay....he might just be a swimming dog afterall!!! And he will be a fisherdog, too! Overall he did just fantastic, he just had too much intrest in the worm!
After being there for about 10 minutes, all of a sudden Sammy had a new visitor he was quite excited about. It was my Mom! She just happened to be walking at the same place we were going fishing! Talk about coincidences! She stayed with us, and that made Sammy quite happy. In fact we have a fishing day set up with her this Saturday, now! Sammy isn't gonna know what hit him, he'll be so excited! We are going to go to a lake rather than a flooded river channel. And I am hoping for a beach I can take him to, and maybe we can go swimming!! :) Keep your toeses crossed!
My mom stayed with us, and she walked Sammy back which allowed me to free up a hand to take all the pictures you have seen thus far, and was able to take this group shot of us:

(see his intrest in the worm and bobber!)

Here they are getting ahead of us.

And also here is Sammy always needing to make sure I am still coming. He can't get very far away, even with family! Isn't he the sweetest!

Since he had to keep stopping for me, we were able to walk together most of the time, and I could answer questions to his demanding public! We were stopped a couple times so kids (or adults) could pet him, or ask what kind of dog he is, to tell us how cute he is, OR the best question ever: "Is that a corgi? It is! He is so cute! Here, buddy..." Yep, we enjoy that. We happened to be having that connection with a couple as a toad came jumping out on the trail! Sammy was all about the toad...when it hopped. But when it stood still, it almost seemed as if he lost it, like he couldn't see it anymore! I got down and picked it up to see if he would have anymore intrest in it, and he didn't. I was surprised myself.

The couple said something about, "he's gonna step on it," or "he's gonna try to bite it." I wish I had a good way of telling her that it's more likely the toad would win in any kind of a confrontation....he didn't get that name Samantha for nothing!
And in true Sammy style, he came back home, passed out and slept the next 11 hours! I sure hope Saturday goes just as well! Tomorrow is the first time that Erik and I will both be gone to work at the same time (for more than 3 hours overlap) in a grand many months. He will definately need something special to help make his transtion into this situation more acceptable!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Honey Bunches of Corgi

First, Sammy and I would like to say thank you to all the nice comments we recieved regarding Sammy's Day on The Daily Corgi. I must admit, I did not really read them til this morning. Sammy and I took a bit of a sabatical from it all starting that evening. I have a separate email set up for all the blog stuff and I just didn't use it or look at our page. This morning I did, and was very happy to see it all. I had intended upon a longer sabatical, but all the kind words made me reconsider! Again, thank you guys! :)

From Sammy's day on The Daily Corgi, Sammy and I were able to find out about a little corgi get together here in Omaha this past Sunday. Needless to say, we were quite excited about it!! We have met a couple corgis here and there at our dogpark, but it has only been on occasion....luck of the draw with no further connection. We were quite lucky that this corgi mini-meetup was going to be located at our dogpark of choice, and we were all the more excited!
Sammy, being Sammy, made sure to greet each and every dog, corgi or not. I hadn't realized, until this meet-up, how extreme of a social butterfly he is. Most other corgis stayed pretty attached to their pawrents. Sammy did his usual, meet and greet throughout the whole dogpark, look back to his pawrents every 10 minutes or come back and check in. He gets to see us all the time, he doesn't want to waste his time with us when their are other dogs who will wrestle with him. Yet, he doesn't want us to have any other dogs linger too much by us OR us to do anything without him! He is such a stinker pants. It's a one way street in Sammyland.
Sammy loves big dogs. Well, he loves all dogs, but he has something in him that is drawn to the biggest dogs in the park. He MUST make friends. And typically, the biggest dogs have a little curiousity for the little dogs. So again, Sammy wins. It appears as though Sammy might be in a corgi minority there. Once another corgi barked at the biggest dog, Sammy ran right over and stood right in between. If only he could talk, he would probably express "how we are all dogs. Be it big or small, we are all dogs and for that we should just get along!" He is such a little mediator. He always gets in the business of disagreeing (barking) dogs! Sometimes this is not a wonderful quality when dogs are past disagreeing, and nearing the edge of physically disagreeing (fighting). But somehow that little stinkerpants does have a way with getting dogs to agree and play or leave each other alone more times than not. I don't know how he does it!
Sammy also loves the little dogs. The littler the better! Especially with puppys. He will just stand guard as a big brother and protect them! He will walk along the side of them and make sure they are ok, and if other dogs come over that have yet to pass Sammy inpection, he will go over and sniff them. There was a baby corgi there as well, and Sammy took to her very fast. However, there were corgi lovers there, and Sammy was not needed because the baby went from lap to lap alot!!

After the big dogs arrived, we walked over to the small dog area. We had gone to the all dog side first because there was a dauchsand meet up going on at the small dog side, and no one at the all dog side. Seemed perfect at the time. Sammy was quite unhappy at the move first, but probably because he thought he was getting the leash put on him to leave. He quickly livened right back up once he realized we were just switching parks.
Sammy had quite a bit more energy than almost all the corgis. He was less than satisfied to just hang out with us. He did make one good friend, a tri color named Loki. They were able to wrestle and run around quite a bit. And in their running around he quite a glimpse of the dauchsands. I don't know if he thinks they are all puppies or if he remembers herding with his corgi friend we have seen there twice, but off he went. He went right in the middle of the dauchsand meetup. We watched him chase them and greet each and every one (as well as their pawrents) AND even play fetch with one guy. At one point we saw him jump on the lap of the guy throwing the ball for him. Sammy was less than concerned about all the corgi action or us! Haha. Typical.
As for all the new corgis we met, it was one of the first times Sammy looked small!! I often call him a chunky monkey corgi, but I don't think I can anymore! He was shorter, less long and thinner than most. As well as less agile. Two corgis, Charlie and Ladybug were able to jump on top of the benches. These benches are very tall, as in when I sit on them my feet are a good 4-6" off the ground! Sammy standing on his hind legs has only his shoulders and head above it! They were quite sweet when they jumped up, just there for some attention! But never too far away from their mom. Another corgi, Cody, must have decided it was too warm for him and found mud puddles to wash walk through! He would keep trying to sneak away! He even got bathophobic Loki to follow into the water. At one point Sammy went over to see what was going on, and I felt my anxiety coming on as he was nearing the puddle!! It's funny with the other dogs, but I have this weird thing about Sammy being very clean and not smelly!! When he was a puppy and we went for walks I would make sure that he would walk around puddles. Now he does it naturally! Yay!! He gets a bath a week (or this week, 2), gets his ears cleaned at least once a week, and his teeth brushed once a week. Thank goodness Sammy did not feel like going into the mud with the others. I don't know why he chose not to, but I am grateful. He still got a bath that night anyway. (He was totally slobbered!)
After a while with the dauchsands, Sammy was nearing his end of energy. He did what he always does, finds his pawrents. He came over to us and jumped on his hind legs to sit on my lap. He watched the other corgis putzing around from my lap. After 10 minutes, he gained enough energy for one more wind of energy, that lasted just a few short minutes. Then he was back. He looked very jealous of Charlie that could jump all the way up to the bench and didn't need to ask for help! About this time all the corgis were looking a little latharigic, especially Sammy and the baby! We all gathered for a picture to remember the day. Hopefully we will be able to do it again! Sammy had a great time!

****I learned that I am not a good photographer for lots of corgis grouped together all doing their own thing. Hopefully I will get better, but here are a couple that I was able to take!****

"Loki, we's gotsta go this ah-way. Them dauchsands, they fun. You's see!"

Charlie, doesn't he kinda look like Sammy, just more refined!! Haha:

Cody gettin a mud bath!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Day, My Day!!!

It's Sammy's day at The Daily Corgi!!!

"It's my's day! Yeps, read all's 'bouts ME at thedailycorgi.blogspot.com ya knows you wants to! My Momma says I's jus too irristable to say no to!"


Road Trips: Cats, Bees and Sprinklers!

We made a quick 24 hour trip back to Erik's parents house when we both had the day off, and the day before they left town for a trip themselves. Sammy LOVES going. He especially loves that once we get there, he is free. No leash and collar! He gets to run around the property, chase rabbits (if he sees them), play with his parent's pup, get lots of extra food and treats, investigate trees, flowers, bushes, open grassy areas, AND all on his on terms. Noone holding him back on his leash, he doesn't even have to have anyone outside with him! He loves it! And it was perfect weather, which only added to the fun!
We got there in the evening, and Sammy had about an hour of sunlight to run around. He used every minute of it! After eating dinner, dessert and talking for a bit, we went to bed early. Sammy apparently didn't like that because he got up 5 times during the night! He didn't even get up that much when we first brought him home! He was just way too excited to sleep I guess. So we ended up sleeping in a little, and got up aroun 10:15. Of course he went right for the door to play outside while his boring parents had breakfast. He ran and ran.
I came out and played with him a bit. Mostly, I got to watch the cat chase him. I do believe that he and Sneezy like each other, but it doesn't sound or seem like it. But Sammy always comes back for more, and Sneezy always follows him.
Erik's mom has a pretty good sized garden, and lets us take some yummy stuff from it. Her strawberries were good and ripe, and there were tons of them. So we took buckets over to gather some to bring home. Sammy of course followed. Where Sammy goes, the other two like to follow and see what's going on! Sammy and Sneezy followed us right into the strawberry patch! Apparently this is as good of a place to play as any!

Here comes Sneezy:

And Sammy sees:

"You are not sly enough for me, Sneezy! I can see you!"

Sammy keeping guard of kitty-cats!

After collecting our garden goodies (strawberries, cilantro, rhubarb, spinich) we moved to cleaning everything and hulling the strawberries. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it, but Sneezy and Sammy took this time to stare each other down. Sneezy on top of the glass table, and Sammy looking at him up through the glass table! Haha.
Next, Sammy and I went walking around. Erik's mom has this cool little old barrel bucket that she has with an old water pump looking thing and she has some fish in there. It's pretty cool, and they keeping getting bigger so I like to check them out. It's right in the middle of her giant garden (she has tons, loves flowers) and Sammy loves to sniff all the flowers with all their different scents. However, there were bumble bees!!! Sammy hasn't really seen bumble bees. Just one before at my mom's house. But here there were a few. He started with curiousity, and when it looked like he had too much and the bees were disturbed, I had to pull him away!

Erik & I then decided to relax some. I laid out in the sun, and he read his book. Sammy continued with his business. He went back and forth between us (yep, the whole 7 feet!), chased flys, and tried to figure out how to get up where Sneezy was, unsucessfully. Actually, Sneezy got mad and blocked Sammy from the water bowl.
The whining and whimpering combined with the hissing got rather annoying, so I planned Sammy's next adventure. One that he was less than pleased about.

"Mom, whatcha doing??"

"Hey, what is this??"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!! No, no, NOOOO!!!"

"Dad, Dad!!! Momma is trying to put me in the falling water! Don't let her!!! Save me, save me Dad!!"

"Ugh..not you again. This is MY DAD! NOT YOURS!!!"

To everyone's surprise, I'm sure, Sammy was quite exhausted at the end of our trip. First, he was totally against getting in the car. He knew what that meant. But once in the car, we didn't even make it to the end of the block before he found his comfortable spot and fell asleep! He slept the whole way home. Slept as we unpacked and I dealt with our goodies. Freezer bagging the excess strawberries and peaches, packaging the rest, that sort of thing. After a 20 minutes he went to the bedroom and begged to get on the bed. Didn't even care we weren't there with him. Didn't even try to hold himself up, just fell into sleep postion as I plopped him down. Slept there through the thunderstorms until 10am! Got up, chomped on his bone for about an hour, and went back to sleep, next to his bone!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This is an update for Sammy and his bone!
Even with all the dogpark trips, walks, and other fun stuff, he has managed to do this to his bone in the last week!

**As a reminder, this is in continuation from the post, "Sammy-Sized"**

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ME, only ME!

Senor Stinker Pants, AKA Sammy was being a little trouble maker yesterday. All 10 months we have had him, he has these jealousy and possessive issues. He overall is better than he was 6 months ago, but...for some reason, he has taken a leap back the last week or so.
Sammy has made it very clear, HE is the ONLY one allowed to get hugs from me. I'll start by the dogpark fun. Sometimes there are dogs that are just happy to have people pet them, and I love doggies, so I enjoy petting them. Sammy keeps an eye on this. If a dog over stays his welcome, or comes to me too often, he will make his presence known. If just a friendly reminder, "Hey, that's MY mom! Just remember, she belongs to ME!" isn't enough, he might come over and push his way to my hands. If the dog continues to wear out Sammy's generosity, he will come by teeth showing with a light little snarl. Seriously. Then he will sit to show his realm it's his throne!
Also, no dog is allowed to jump to say hi to me until he has throughly sniffed them. This was causing some probelms, so he has been disciplined to the point where it is a rare instance now. Mostly, he just runs from dog to dog real fast before they can get to me, I think. But this even happened with family dogs. When Erik's sister and her fiancee got a dog, that dog came to say hello to us right away. Sammy jumped up and put him in his place. Yep. Little corgi to Austrialian shepard. Now they are A-Ok, because Sammy now knows him.
All of the other dog stuff even makes some sense. And at the end of the day I can see the the silver lining without having to look too hard. But his issues don't end there. Sammy has a couple wild hairs about Erik & I being too close. We can sit next to each other, that is just fine. But oh man, if we play fight (pushing each other, jumping from behind walls, try to block each other from the bathroom, etc), start to dance to music, or, get this, HUG Sammy just loses it.
He was at his worst around 6 months old, and it has slow but steadily gotten better since then. Til yesterday. He would bark at us, jump up on our legs, pace, run around us in a circle, whine and whimper! Then immediately moving away from each other, he would jump up on my legs with his ears back for me to pick him up.
We have tried telling him NO! We have tried just ignoring him. The only thing that helps is picking him up and getting a family hug or family dance, which really defeats the whole purpose to be quite honest!
Anyway, so that isn't even where it ended last night. When we went to bed, first we watched some Friends in bed and Sammy chomped on his bone at the foot of the bed. Then it was time to go to sleep and Sammy climbed up, rolled on his back with his upper body on my tummy and head rolled back on my shoulder, feet upright next to my hips. It took about 10 minutes for him to find the exactly comfortable spot, but once he did (on his side with head on my shoulder, rest of body against my side) he stayed like that for a few hours! This is quite shocking for him, because he usually gets too warm and can't have anything in his bubble while sleeping. So he usually gets some bed above my pillow (I slink down so he has room) and we share my pillow. That way we are close together, but not overheating. Last night though, not an issue. I wonder what is up with him! He seems especially needy for some reason. Hopefully it doesn't last too long! I love him being all cuddly and lovey, but some how he has to know that I am NOT just HIS!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Monsieur Grumpy Pants

Sammy is very unhappy this morning. Summer is far from a vacation.
First....the weather is awful. For anyone who has been to the midwest (not just heard about it, because it takes experiencing) it is hot and humid during the summer. For instance, it is 72 degrees right now (10:30am) but the humidity is more than 80% making it feel nearly 85 degrees. Furthermore, it is a yo-yo, ....a roller coaster, .......no.....a yo-yo on a roller coaster temperature wise. Yesterday is was supposed to be 86, and when we were in the car, Erik's car told us it was 94 degrees! But in two days, they aren't even expecting it to get into the 80's. However, the humidity is almost always above 60 percent. Sammy seems to just be starting to realize that nice cool, relaxing days outside are not going to come back until September.
Second, if that isn't enough, the temperature roller coaster means is storm time here in tornado alley. We were quite lucky in Apri and May. Few rain showers and storms, and when they came, they were very mild. However now the temperatures are perfect for crazy storms. It is the time of year where it becomes a daily routine. Hot and humid all day long, lots of sun in the midday raising the temperatures. Clouds building up mid to late afternoon. Sun sets around 9 pm right now, so storms around 9:30-10:00pm. Sometimes later. Some all night, some just sparatic, but still, enough that we have excess water the next day to raise the humidity as the sun evaporates the puddles. Sammy is now able to sleep through the storms, so biggie, but he still won't go out for he before bed potty. He hides behind the couch to avoid the rain. Then every morning I have to pick him up and plop him in the grass because wet grass and mud is the devil's handywork. THEN! Once we get into the grass, all his carefully placed scents get washed around and we have to begin, again. But first we have to get the lay of the land, that is the lay of the scents. Poor puppy, every day he carefully potties his area out, but it never lasts through the night. Our morning potty trips are taking longer and longer every morning, as our evening ones get shorter and shorter!
Finally, if all this isn't enough for the poor pupper, his parents have to go and mess up his one routine NOT messed up by mother nature. Last night after watching 2 movies and going to Sonic for ice cream, we decided to play Little Big Planet. I don't know if anyone else has played Little Big Planet, but it is really fun. And, I really don't like video games. I am just not cordinated that way. I played soccer, I ignored hand-eye coordination! So we began playing somewhere around 11pm-midnight. Usually, we go into the bedroom around 10 or 10:30 and Sammy chews his bone for a little while, rearranges the bed and takes his spot and is asleep by 11:00. At least we have Little Big Planet hooked up to the TV in the bedroom. Everytime we would start an adventure, or try to do a tricky thing in the level, Erik would ask me if I was ready. Sammy was freaking out everytime he said "Ready." He would jump up, ears all the way up, anticipation beaming out of his eyes, and every muscle ready to pounce! He never did this when I said it.
After about an hour, Sammy would be worried about it, climb up on top of our laps and cuddle up with us. One time he put his head right between our 2 arms with his front paws on Erik and his body twisted around with his butt on my lap! One level had cats in it, and they meowed. Sammy couldn't figure out where these kitty-cats were! Then another level had dogs barking! Oh, poor dog. He just didn't know what to do!He paced in circles and whined.
Well, we got very into our game, and wound up playing until 5:00 this morning! sammy was very irritated! And then I was all sorts of wired from playing, and couldn't sleep. Sammy is very connected to me, he was unsettled til I was finally able to relax to fall asleep. He was very cuddly all night. If I even breathed too much where my body might move, he had to compensate and curl up even more. At one point he used my head as a pillow! Silly puppy. This made our sleeping time, not very....sleeping!
Lucky for us, my mom called us at 10:00AM! Woke us both up. We got up to do our morning routine. Sammy didn't feel like going to the bathroom right before bed due to rain, so he really had to go. When we came back in, he had to take a flying leap over our mat, because it was still sopping wet from last night's storm! After that, he just sat there all upset. He wouldn't even look at me, he had to make a point. I got him his breakfast and brought it out and set it next to him, and he looked the other way. Then he got up and walked away! He is soooo grumpy this morning! He stays close enough that I know he is right there, but won't look at me. It's the Sammy version of the silent treatment!
I'm gonna hafta pick up some FrostyPaws to make it up to him!

"I'm sooo not hungry!"

"Did you need something?"

"Did you say something about ice cream??"

"You have my attention, but I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT!"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


All corgis act bigger than they are. And really, they should be bigger thought of as bigger, 'cause really they are just short. Actually they really do have dwarfism in their bone structure. One thing is for sure, their personalities and attitude is far from dwarfed! Sammy may be a wee bit special though, and I probably had a hand in it. But Sammy, all 31 of his pounds, is NEVER thought of as a little dog.
His meals are given to him according to the table we got from the vet that is based off his age and weight. But when it comes to bones, those "small dog" (AKA 15-30 lb size) are for road trips or basically, appetizers! Over our nearly 10 months together, Sammy has grown as has his bones.
Yesterday afternoon after Erik's doctor appointment, we stopped at Petco. We brought home the second to largest bone available. We nearly got him the largest size, but the price difference wasn't worth the size difference. Oh well, he doesn't know. In fact, he probably wouldn't care even if he could understand since he was too busy with his new bone!!

"Oooooo....I's loves you Momma! Bone, please"

Doesn't he just look as happy as a clam?
Well, now it's been almost 24 hours. Why do we get these so big? Sammy can illustrate.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm Suuhh-leeeee-puh-innng!!

Sammy had a wonderful Memorial Day. We played with his toys all morning, since it was finally cool enough that exerting energy didn't make you want to pass out! Then he rode in the car with us to grab a couple of things at the grocery store so I could make the side salad for dinner. Then we went to see the infamous kitty cats. We ate dinner outside where he got to run around on a rope, and that included up and down the porch stairs. We then made a quick trip to see my grandparents, Sammy LOVES to go see them, then back to see the kitty cats for a quick dessert before going back home. There was little time for napping, or relaxing so he was unable to recover til we got home. He almost didn't eat his dinner. Sammy went right to the couch and passed out. I picked him up and carried him to bed and he just didn't move as Erik and I continued to do our stuff. Usually he panics if he has to be on the bed all by himself since he can't get down by himself! Nope, he just went right to sleep and didn't move an inch til I made him so I could get comfy.

"Mom, I'm too tired for modeling right now!"

"MOM! I'm trying to sleep!"

"Can't you see how tired I am?!"

"Fine, fine, take all the pictures you want, I'm too tired for this."

Aren't corgis just the cutest when they sleep?