Monday, May 31, 2010

Thank You

As part of Sammy's first Memorial Day, he is learning how to be thankful for all that we have. It is quite often that we get all wrapped up in our own lives and some of the silliest things drive us nutso and forget the big picture. We can get all caught up in having to pick up toys 5 times a day and wonder why they just can't stay picked up for a couple hours, or why we always seem to be out of bones, or why we can't just potty in our yard, why do we have to walk all the way around the building, and we can do this because of our country's heros that have given their life for our country. We are lucky enough to live in the midwest, and we live right by an air force base and most people around here have a family member &/or close friend (usually multiple) that have or are serving and get to be reminded of this often. Still, Memorial Day comes once a year, and I try to make a big deal of how lucky we are and try to keep the big picture in mind. So, we just want to put a big THANK YOU out to anyone who is reading this that has lost a family member or friend.

"...gather around their sacred remains and garland the passionless mounds above them with choicest flowers of springtime....let us in this solemn presence renew our pledges to aid and assist those whom they have left among us as sacred charges upon the Nation's gratitude,--the soldier's and sailor's widow and orphan." --General John Logan, General Order No. 11, 5 May 1868
The history of Memorial Day:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Evil Genius

Today I have realized that Sammy is waaaaay smarter than anyone gives him credit for. Ok, so he isn't an evil genius, but he is a genius. He knows that he has us (ok, probably just me) wrapped around his little paw.
And he does some of the strangest things:
in the middle of the night he can step on my stomach to try to get a better spot, closer to the fan;
or he can keep knocking over the plant with his rope;
he can start pacing from window to window trying to get the squirrel outside;
he can bark at the hair dryer in our teeny tiny bathroom that makes it even louder;
he can kick me when I try to curl up with him because he needs his own little bubble;
walk on top of my homework the night before a test;
won't go to the bathroom in 'our yard' but rather must go to the other side of the building;
get a bone stuck against the wall and claw at it to the point where the carpet starts to come up;

...but it doesn't matter. Because he can look up at me and know that he is the cutest little puppy in the whole wide world and give me the eyes like this and stick a fork in me, I'm done!!

Seriously, who could ever get mad at this little baby! And it doesn't hurt that he is super sweet and just a big lover!! He just still has some puppy in him!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Doggie Slide

We wanted to share a couple of our pictures from last weekend at Indian Cave State Park. As in our story we shared before, we were unable to take Sammy onto the trails, but we played on the playgroud. I have a couple pictures from the slide, but I also put him on my lap and we played on the swing and also we sat on the merry-go-round and spun ever so slightly. He really didn't like the merry-go-round!

For the slide however, the stairs we so steep, that I had to carry his 31 lbs up the almost ladder stairs! Oddly enough, he didn't act like it was weird at all. He just sat in my arms like there was nothing new about this, just off to a new adventure!

See how happy he is!! Sammy just had so much fun on the slide! He is probably a strange dog, but he loves slides! He enjoys them at the park next to us, but this was at least twice as tall! Has anyone else taken their corgi on a slide before? Does he/she also like slides?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Make It Stop!

"My Momma says I'm pathetic. I disagree, I'm just hot! It's 90 degrees...AGAIN!! There is no where to hide, the heat follows me everywhere! Every couple minutes my heat makes my spot too warm and then I have to get up and repositon. My back seems best, but it takes too much work to keep up so I fall over on my side and I just can't figure out how it happens. I've been staring at her with my puppy-est eyes begging her to make it stop! But that's not pathetic, is it? Just look at these photos and tell my Mom she's crazy!!"

"PS. My mom says she can't make it stop, the heat will be with us for awhile, but if you happen to have the power, can you make it stop? I will love you forever!"

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Too Much Heat!

Poor Sammy. This is his first experience with Nebraska summer. We brought him home in August of last year, so he should have, but the last year has been awkward weather. We brought him home the hottest day of the summer last year. But he came home in the evening. Since the whole world was new to him, he got tired very easily, and so walking around our building exhausted him! We also spent alot of time on the stairs....trying to beat them! All in all, we didn't get much of the Nebraska heat. It turned to Fall fast, and by the time he was able to do the long walks, it was Fall weather. Winter came and blasted us, of which he was just fine. Our Spring kind of tip toed it's way in. And Sammy has loved it. He has loved all the stuff we have been able to do, camping, long walks, jogs, dogpark trips ALL the time, sittin on our patio, playing with the kids that live in the building, ..etc. But it has really toggled with a couple of really nice days squished in between cold days where we still have to wear sweatshirts and/or jackets and even coats. All of which, Sammy handles in stride.
Suddenly out of nowhere the infamous humidity has arrived! We have been toggling the 90 degree temperature line for the past 3 days with at least 70 percent humidity. Literally 5 days ago, the high was in the lower 60's and our heater set at 58 degrees at night clicked on at night. Now our lows at night are in the mid 70's. At night our apartment is still around 80 while we sleep, never quite cools down at night.
The first day of this, it was 87 as a high with an annoying amount of humidity that makes pants impossible to get on, hair impossible to dry after a shower and eye makeup a sticky pad for your eyelid/eyelashes when you blink. We are trying to conserve as much money as possible, and we didn't turn on our air conditioner. Instead we don't really use the oven or stove, keep all the lights off, and spend as mcuh time in the shade and breeze as possible. Sammy just looked miserable and confused. He is constantly trying to readjust and find a cool, comfortable way to lay down. He just slept the first day away, uncomfortable. By the end of the day, he knew the exact spot to get the most breeze between the window and fans.
The next day, he was a little better. And we took a drive to Indian Cave State Park for the afternoon. It was a 2 hour drive each way and Sammy got to enjoy the air conditioning in the car for that. That invovled my lap between the two vents! We got out and played on the playground once. Saw old St. Devion and the couple of buildings that remain. We took Sammy to the boat ramp onto the Missouri River and let him put his toes in, then he rolled in the mud. Figures. We saw the cave and took a little walk around that area. Apparently pets are not allowed on the hikes, which was a major disappointment and we both felt quite misled on that front. But we still had a good day outside for the most part. And Sammy seemed to handle it quite well. (I still have to get our couple of pictures uploaded!) We stopped for an ice cream cone in Auburn, and Sammy was quite excited about that.
So yesterday he woke up with the energy of a thousand corgis! Just busting with energy. Since it was still early, and still in the 70's I thought maybe we should take him to the dogpark for a quite trip. Sammy was quite excited. We got there and all the dogs we in the all dog park. So that's where we went. He bounded from dog to dog saying his hellos. Then he met a 9 month siberian husky. The biggest darn husky I have EVER SEEN! Seriously. Long, long, thick fur. Stood with his back at my hip. Skull at least twice the size of Sammy's. Sammy and him had a good time. Apparently he likes the little dogs, and Sammy seems to always make friends with the biggest dog we we go to the all dog park. They wrestled, and the owner was quite impressed with how well he holds his own. One basset hound was quite jealous, wanted Sammy for himself, and followed them barking at them! After about 10 minutes, Sammy began seeking out shade. Behind people, under the picnic table and under the tree. But only for a few seconds at a time, he is too ADD still to stay put. A dog would come by, and he would decide "MUST CHASE. MUST PLAY."
Then out of nowhere Sammy stopped and projectile vomitted! I didn't even know they could projectile vomit. We ran over to get him, and he vomitted 2 more times. He had decided to skip his breakfast so luckily is was just clear liquid. I got our water bowl and washed it down. He didn't feel like walking or anything and snuggled up to my leg making it impossible to walk. It's very easy to tell when something is wrong with Sammy, he clings to me like a toddler to their Mom. He stayed right in between Erik and I on the walk back and stepped only because my leg moved. We got him in the car and put the air conditioning right on him. 3 of the vents all angled right to him. We got him home and I carried him in and put him on the bed. Ceiling fan on, tower fan right on him and we turned on the air conditioning for him. He didn't seem to mind. Just kind of laying down with his head in the air, but eyes closed. I got out a washcloth, got it wet with cold water and washed down his face and tried to get the slobber and dirt off his back. This seemed to make him quite happy. After a couple minutes, I brought him a bowl of water from the refridgerator and he got to drink in bed. After another 10 minutes, I brought in his breakfast and he got to eat in bed! He napped the rest of the morning and first part of the afternoon in bed. We stayed in bed with him.
Overall, we was fairly lazy the rest of the day. That evening we turned the air conditioner back off, and enjoyed the evening on our patio, in the shade, but in the breeze! He slept the whole night through, right in front of the fan. He has made a full recovery! I still can't believe what just 15 minutes at the dogpark did! He plays just so hard, with all he has then gobbles up water so fast. Hopefully his doggie senses will kick in sometime soon to keep a steady flow of water in his system! Happy Summer. Everyone will be happy to know, he woke up with the energy of 998 corgis this morning. Right now he playing with his squirrel, shoving it under the couch and begging for me to pull it back out for him, just to shove it back under. He has eaten his breakfast this morning and said hello to our neighbor dog and his dogwalker. But NO DOGPARK today! (or jogs.) It's still super hot and humid!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The One Day Bone

Sammy loves his rawhides. Just loves 'em. He has ever since his teething and we invested in rawhides. I love Petco for many reasons, one being their selection of rawhides. He has his favorites, of course, but I like to mix it up with him to keep him interested. Keeps him from getting bored. We went the Petco the other day and I found an awesome bone in the rawhide aisle.

It's pretty awesome. It is a braided rawhide in a ring where the ends are wrapped in flat rawhide to keep it shut.
We have gotten him big ones before, and it always amazes me how fast he can take 'em down. Many times, the package will say 'large dog' size. But I thought this one might be interesting to see how he decided to take it apart. If he would find the weakness right away, and go for it, or attack the braided strands.

He was very excited about his new bone!
This is the next day. Obviously it didn't take much to figure out.

He gets so intent on his bone. I don't know if anyone else gives their dogs bones/rawhides very often, but Sammy has had a steady flow of yummy rawhides. First they were awesome when he was teething, then it really helped his bordom over this long, cold winter we just had. Sammy really knows how to go at the bone. He gets at it in every angle, and just can't stop until he has figured out the puzzle! I like when he hold it down with his little paws, and pulls back on it! He just has the silliest look on his face!
He also gulped down 4 bowls of water yesterday, and another 2.5 so far today! Then he passes out. It just takes all the energy out of him.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Not MY Day?

Well today we are story-less. Today is my birthday so Sammy is having to do things my way!

Erik got me Friends, Season 1 and we stayed up til 3am watching it! Sammy was less than pleased to be off his scheudle, and NOT on HIS bed!

Since we stayed up so late, we slept in. Sammy didn't seem too unbothered by this. However we just laid in bed not wanting to get up, this annoyed him.

Sammy and I got Erik to go for a quick jog with us! He did like this part!

Erik & I went to lunch together, just the 2 of us. Sammy was unhappy to be left out!

When we got back we were too fat and happy to do anything, so we watched Friends some more. Sammy was a wee bit whiney.

Erik has his class tonight, and he needed a supply so we had to go to Target. He did not appreciate us going somewhere without him again.

I wanted us to take Sammy to the dogpark together because this cute little corgi only 6 months older than Sammy, with as much (ok, more) energy as Sammy is there every Monday evening. Unfortunately it's at the time that Erik is in class. So we went earlier. Sammy was very pleased, as he didn't know the differene. Plus he got to meet some really fun dogs and doggie parents. However, we could only stay for less than a half hour. Sammy looked miserable leaving.

I'm getting ready for dinner with my mom. Sammy can tell. He is giving me the stink eye.

AND....we haven't even had cake yet! Poor guy. It must be tramatic for him! Haha. I think Sammy knows it's a special day, and some how it MUST be tied to him. He probably thinks it's our day, me and him and Erik is to bear witness!

At least we got one picture today! Sorry, since it's my birthday, it's no make-up and no work hair day! Which goes just great with the cold, off and on rainy, no sun Monday! It accentuates my "Birthday Girl" tiara! ....But Sammy is super cute!

"It's me and mys Momma on our birfdays!"

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I's Jus Like Mys Momma

Saturdays have become Samdays. All about what special thing could be in store for Sammy. Usually includes the dogpark. Either Sammy & I go with Erik or my mom. On Saturdays, especially, I like going with someone else, and it's the only day my mom can watch the amazing herding ADD Sammy in action at the dogpark! Sammy had slept the jog off...for a long time. He can sleep. So when it was nearing the time of the dogpark, he was spastic. Seriously, it was as though he knew he was supposed to be herding dauchsands! (He has a thing about the dauchsands, loves to herd them more than any other breed. Probably makes him feel big and bad.)
Back to the story....I played with him for a few minutes, but really had to get into the shower. While in the shower I could hear my little Sammy, well the whole building probably could have! He was FRAPPING. And when he made his lap to the bathroom he would run in and bark! We have a small bathroom, it just bounced off the walls like crazy. I'd pull back the curtain, and he would run back out, back to the Sammy circle. After getting out, he did what he usually does, lays on the bathroom rug and watches me get ready. But this time, not for long. It was too boring today. He had to get back to playing.
When I came back out to the living room I found many, many toys scattered through the living room. And the poor tug of war rope really didn't bode well. He tore individual stands out of it, so we have red and blue strands all over the living room giving it a really lived in, unclean appearance (which at this point it really was unclean).
Fortunately for Sammy, I didn't have time to fight him picking up the toys. I have to grab at least 2, but usually 3, toys at a time because it is inevitable that the one I pick up is REALLY the one he wanted. At least with three, I get 3 steps forward, one step back. Net gain of 2! My mom was on her way and I still had to get his water ready. We went to the dogpark, and he had a hoopla and a half. Then he had to come back home and nap while I ran an errand and went with my mom to a graduation party. After which, I came home, got Sammy and took Erik's lunch to him and we sat with him while he ate (I know, we are so sweet!)
Once I came back home, I took my shoes off at the door and I had an interesting realization. Exchange toys for shoes and Sammy is just as bad as me! Currently I have 4 pairs of shoes at one door, and 2 at the other door with my jogging shoes by the couch. (I have over 60 pairs of shoes. It's an addiction. Pretty sure it's genetic, and I got it from my inspiring grandma, Monie!) Sammy was up to 9 toys and 1 bone on the living room floor. Who is quite sure of what is in his clubhouse, at least one toy. And still his toy box appears full!

What, you don't like my decorating?

"But, I couldn't choose just one."

"I'm sooo cute!"

"Oooohhh....I like your shoes Momma. Where are your fancy ones?"

"I's still loves my foxy!!"

"Look, it's all full."

"I's jus like yous, Momma!"

Lessons While Jogging

#1. Mom is OUT OF SHAPE!!
Yes, I am the one who started this shinanagin. Not too long ago, as noted in a previous blog, Sammy was weighed. In order to do that, it required me to get on scale with him to find our total weight, then get back on the scale, just me, to subtract my weight. The problem is, now I know my weight. No longer can I assume something. Unfortunately it sticks in my mind every time I eat another bowl of ice cream or peice of cake or something else super yummy. This past weekend I ate alot of super yummys. So, I ended up getting onto a body mass index website to see whats really going on. I went to and calculated my BMI with age and all that stuff to find that I have a BMI of 24.2 and am in the 44th percentile for my age. I wasn't feeling too bad. Then I followed the link to the "ideal weight." I am 12 lbs off!! Ugh.
Many moons ago, I played soccer. Alot. Until middle school I played on a team that played every spring and every fall, so almost half my year was playing soccer. Once in middle school, I kept with that team and added my middle school's soccer team. Every Fall I played for 2 teams. Many back to back games, back to back practices, practice to game....etc. I loved it. In high school, I was too old for my childhood team so for my freshman year I played JV and Varsity simultaneously. My team had gotten together and started an indoor team, where we were able to play Fall into Winter, then Spring for our high school team. That continued through my Junior year. Unfortunately, my freshman year, I had a run-in with shin splints. It didn't stop me. It got much, much worse. Sophmore year I was in the doctors for MRIs. Still didn't stop me. My Junior year I was on pain meds and in the trainers office every day doing physical thearpy exercises. Every game I was in the trainers getting ice whirlpools. I was unable to play my senior year.
In college (the first 2 years I was at Iowa State), my freshman year I tried an intermural team. I was unable to deal with the pain. My sophomore year, I began going to the rec center and doing some strenghening exercises. After some time, I was able to do the elliptical with virtually no pain! Yay. After moving back home, I began jogging around the neighborhood. Still unable to run down hills, I was able to accomplish an overall run. Once I began seeing Erik, my exercise ethic has plumetted. Haha. I worked at Borders, and a 2 level Borders at that. So at work I was always running up and down the stairs, seriously, always. I was also part of the merch team where I unloaded boxes and moved boxes around, set up displays, lots of action. I called this my work-out. I no longer work there.
When I did this BMI, it said that peak body shape for women was 20-22. Monday, I turn 23. Between that and the 12 lbs from ideal weight, let me tell you, I wanted exercise like there was no tomorrow! But what made me think it would be that easy?
Sammy and I got up, checked our computer. He had his breakfast. I made Erik and I toast. I helped Erik put on this medicine for his back. Then he went to his doctors appointment. I went to my drawers pulled out my sweatpants, arch support socks, long sleeve shirt and we went for our first jog!
I am sooooo out of shape. Wow. Started off good. Feeling good. We made it through the park and up the first incline in the neighborhood. Then, my poor lungs and chest were telling me to stop...NOW! I have never had that feeling before, except when the temperature was near freezing. I thought I would be fine. We go for walks frequently, hikes and other stuff like that often, we run around in yards when we get the chance, and run around in the apartment! I didn't expect to be soo out of shape. Erik told me, "You're just getting old." Sammy looked at me all concerned. I think I have something to prove now!

#2 Sammy is NOT a good jogger
Maybe it's the herding part of corgis that made this so difficult, but Sammy was not good at jogging. When we would begin, he would wait for me to go, then he would also begin with this crazy happy look in his eyes! At first, he thought this was play time or something, because he wouldn't stick to a straight line, he would veer off in every direction. To emphasize his point of PLAY, he would jump up on my legs, like when we dance. I told him no, but he persisted a couple more steps when my knee and his jaw collided. Then he had his ephinany! Run on the sidewalk, or at least parallel. He would start behind me, but I'm apparently too slow and he would easily outpace me, tounge flopping in every direction. I greatly appreciated him looking me in the eye as to say, "I beat you! I may not be the fasted dog at the dogpark, but I'm the fastest one in the family!" Where my reply was a very snotty, "Congratulations!"
He then took to a better game. Literally herding me. From behind, Sammy would start at my left and then suddenly pop up on my right. Then he's back at my left. I have to say I feel sorry for cattle, sheep, and whatever else gets herded...not so much fun. At least he didn't try biting at me. Or even barking. Rather he just had the goofiest smile, with his tounge just flopping from side to side. Sammy also had a new style of running, very playful.
Then we started tag. When we walk, hike, any of that, he always stays to the front. He looks like royalty with his "people" following behind. He holds his head high and just smiles blissfully. (Except for the frequent sniffs, and now marking.) He seemed to feel as though this was the same concept. Afterall, we do take a lot of walks through the neighborhood. But that darn corgi herding instint would pull him to the rear. This would have made a wonderful video: Sammy stretched out completely on his leash running like those proper corgis in the AKC shows. Sammy looks back to something running..."must herd, must herd!" Sammy slows to nearly a crawl and is behind his mom. Keeping her forward running from the left, ooohh and now he bounds to the right all the while keeping eye contact. Now he's bolting to the front! His in the front looking as majestic as ever. Who is that behind, it's his mom. He must go back and encourage her running. He falls behind again.....etc.

#3 Don't run with bags

This is not even funny. How did I even forget this part of taking him out? Of course Sammy will have some business to do. As soon as he started to wiggle down, it just hit me like a pile of bricks. That definately ended my feeling of running. I know I do not want to run with a bag o'crap bouncing in one hand while I have spazo herder in the other! Ugh. Sammy & I are gonna hafta figure something out when it comes to this. Obviously he has to potty, but on this particular morning....once when he got up. Once before we left the complex (yay, dumpsters right there) and two more times on the actual jog! What the heck? Oh well, maybe evenings will be better than mornings. We shall try!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Is That Me?

Yesterday was laundry day. Yesterday evening after going to the dogpark, I had the sheets in the washer and I was folding some laundry. Sammy was exhausted from the park so the two of us climbed on the bed and I watched Friends while he slept. (It works out just perfectly because it's the only TV of ours that hooks up the the digital antana=the only TV with any channels!) So I multi-tasked to write about his unfortunate event with the cats. I uploaded the video to my computer and was just starting it when Sammy awakened from his deep slumber! He just had to know who that adorable dog on the laptop was!! Well, see for yourself:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Momma.....I Pottied!

My mom is preparing to move soon, so I am having to go through my old room and gather things, as well as get rid of stuff that I either don't want or don't have room for. Sammy decided to make the trip with me. Or, I should say Samantha! My mom has three cats. Sammy is still terrified of cats. Like super terrified. He has his nickname Samantha for a reason! Just today at the dogpark he stuck up for himself to a great dane becasue the great dane wanted to drink out of the same water bowl at the same time. Yeah a great dane. Sammy had to stand on his hind legs just to sniff him! But cats, oh no, that is an evil all too powerful for him! Yet, he loves cats. Seriously can't get enough of them. If he could talk, it would just be, "MUST SEE CAT!" For him we call them kitty-cats though. Not just cats. He doesn't really respond much to cat, just kitty-cat. I can't remember what started it, I just know the reaction is much, much different. So yesterday afternoon I asked Sammy if he would like to help go to my old room and start sorting through things. This is my response:
You would think with a reaction like that, he does love the cats! But, quite the opposite. Sammy was cornered by the smallest of cats. She had his number, let me tell you! My old room was in the basement, and so Sammy ran up and down the stairs. Over and over. Fun for him for some reason. Until the cats blocked him off. Then he began to pace in the basement. Down came the Logan. Sammy would pace in what room he had left. I went upstairs to get a trash bag and I hear screams and wimpers! I ran down the stairs and they were in the laundry room. Sammy was still screaming and wimpering. I come around the corner and Logan had cornered Sammy between the dryer and furnace as Logan was slapping him in the face! After pulling Logan away, poor Sammy had this giant wet, yellow spot beneath him!! Literally, Logan had scared the "potty" out of him! Sammy, if he had a tail, it would have been between his legs, ears back and he just waddled right over to me. I bent down and he tried climbing up my legs. I picked him up, as I always do (he is quite the lover, very affectionate, especially when upset) and he was just like a little toddler. Sammy's legs were around my belly (as much as they can) and he laid against my chest with his head buried straight down, not even on my shoulder. I felt so bad for him! I carried him up the stairs and we sat on the couch enjoying some cable. Sammy wouldn't budge off my lap for quite some time. After he regained some confidence he went right back for the cats. BUT....if they came toward him, he came right back for his Momma! Samantha definately lives!

Monday, May 10, 2010

S'more Blankets

My and Erik's birthdays are within a month of each other. This year, rather than celebrating individually and all that expense part, we decided to go camping for our joint birthdays! We went this past weekend, which also coincided with the end of my finals, so was like a triple treat for me. This was also Sammy's first camping/fishing experience. I assumed he would enjoy it, but you never really know til you put your pup out there if they will truely enjoy it. My friend who lived in a dorm across the hallway from me for 2 years was able to make it all the way from Wisconsin for our birthday trip. As well my friend and his girlfriend from class and Erik's sister and her fiancee. Erik's sister and her fiancee have a puppy as well, so it was double dog exciting! Haha. Their dog, Max, is a 6 month old Austrialian Cattledog.
We all met up at our campsite, Memphis Lake State Park (between Omaha and Lincoln), on Saturday morning. We intended for Friday, but everyone had some issues with schedules, so it was just an overnight camping trip. Sammy was sure confused with all the packing of the car. We have never had that much stuff in the car at one time. Plus us and my friend from Wisconsin! He was very excited, but confused about all that was happening. Once we got there, his intrest was greatly peaked! But, you could see him very worried about what was going on. We brought his stake and rope, and he was staked right away. Then we made trips from the car to our site for all of our stuff. When I walked away, he barked. He sooo did not want to be left behind! But could he really think I would do that?
Apparently so, when I walked up to get our water, he threw a tantrum! Oh, and Sammy was super helpful when I was trying to set up the tent. I am pretty skilled at putting up my tent in a plethera of conditions, if I do say so myself. (Last year we had a field trip for school through Wyoming. It was a 10 day trip throughout the whole state where we set up camp every evening, then picked it up every morning and made tons of stops during the day to look at different outcrops. Very fun. We had everything from wind warnings, thundersnow, waking up to 22 degrees to hiking searching for dinosaur fossils in 95 degrees, rain that flooded tents, and everything in between. Prior to that, we had a trip to Minnesota River Valley where our van broke down, and we were unable to drive above 45mph. We got to our campsite very late and I learned how to put up tents in the dark! It's a good thing I have a nice little backpacker tent! lol) I however, was not quite good enough for putting up the tent with a needy little corgi! haha. But eventually I did succeed!
After all of our tents we up, and gear moved into them, coolers unpacked and a fire started, everyone was able to pull up a chair and get comfortable. Sammy found this quite reassuring. This made him comfortable enough to let his troubles go and play with Max. Boy oh boy were they ALWAYS and forever getting tangled. State Parks require them to constantly be on a leash or rope with a max of 6ft. Max is quite a bit more energetic, large and way more aggressive with playing. Sammy, luckily, has been around all kinds of dogs in his 9 months with us. In the family we also have a Shar Pei and a Black Lab, so size is undaunting there. He gets all sorts of doggie friends at the dogpark as well. He doesn't really enjoy playing that rough, never starts that rough, but he can hold his own and prefers it to no playing at all. Max likes to step over him and such, Sammy retaliates by grabbing Max's face and pulling him down. Doesn't it sound grusome? Ugh. I hate it, but they both wag their tails (or nubs) and constantly go for more. This is the only dog Sammy does it with, so they must have their own way about them, and I try to let it slide.

Don't get me wrong. I love that Sammy is able to play with all dogs: energies, sizes, play styles, all that. But I think of him as my sweet puppy, and I just don't like the way this looks. Plus, playing like this, Sammy gets super worn out fast. Then he can get grouchy and put Max in his place. I like to end it before then!
After I had enough of this playing I took Sammy for a little walk. We walked around the lake some so I could get a feel for how he would respond to the lake water. I would like to take him swimming, and unfortunatley was unable to while he was still young. Now I will have to acculamate him as an adult dog. The water is freezing still because we have yet to get really warm. Our weather is still a bit of a roller coaster here. Last week we made it into the 80's for one day, then every day since then we have been with 60 as a high. Way too cold for the water to be decent. Anyway, we went around the rocky edge of the lake, and Sammy very easily told me how it was going to be. While I was talking to Erik about how he seemed very interested (while Erik was fishing) Sammy just dove off a rock into the water! I think the temperature really surprised him because he didn't want to jump back in, but he still wanted to be along the edge! Sammy smiled like there was no tomorrow! He just loved it. Then Erik came for a little walk with us, and we found a super tiny beachy area (lik 3 feet wide!) where there was a sandy bottom into the grass and no big rocks. Very shallow incline into the water. I took off my boots and Sammy and I walked in. was cold, but we both enjoyed the sand in our toes. Sammy went in and out of the water on his own accord like it was nothing! I can't wait to get him swimming!
We went back to camp after that and the boys worked on the fire. They, of course, went for the giant logs! I love this picture that I took of them getting the fire ready because Sammy is looking at them like, "really?"

Sammy was in his relaxtion state, and just enjoyed sitting around, or on our laps, enjoying the outdoors! Max was just looking for play! haha.

Sammy and Max protected all of us, let me tell you. They were playing bark tag! One of them would hear something, or think that they heard something, so he would growl or "huwoof" or bark. The other would take that as a sign to protect and repeat it. Then after a little while, neither would have any idea as to what the heck they were barking at, but the other was, so he would have to follow! This happened the whole time, and both were catalysts. We have been working on Sammy's barking alot, and this trip definately set us way behind. Max was a bad influence on Sammy's barking!
As the night continued, it got very cold. We of course kept the fire going and had to eat smores! Sammy got to try them, and was quite fond of them! Lots of drool goobers! This morning we had smores over the stove, and he remembered their goodness and just drooled in hopes of just one more bite! He was rewarded for his patience! The colder it got, the more I clung onto him. He was my own personal heater! I can't believe how warm his little body was! He didn't feel any cold!
Bed time came, and Erik and I each had a sleeping bag, and we had a down blanket beneath us to keep the ground from cooling us off more. I dragged Sammy into my mummy sleeping bag where we snuggled for half the night. He was over heated and left me to my own body heat! I do not pocess any! I found that out within 10 minutes of him leaving! Eventually Sammy felt it, too. He came back for some snuggles between us!
The next morning we were up with the light. Sammy seemed rejuvinated. I worked hard at separating the dogs because Max was beyond rejuvinated! He was quite the barker that morning and I didn't want to Sammy to be the annoying dog of the camp. I thought ahead! Sammy loves these yummy beef rawhides, however I do not. They stain the carpet. It took me months to fully get rid of the stain on our carpet. I brought him (and Max one, too) a yummy beef rawhide. Boy was he exicited about it! He licked his chops at the smell!

"Thank you Mommma! Thank you, thank you!!!"
Within 2 hours of our being awake, the wind had switched and was blowing off the lake. The clouds came in, and wind went up! We packed up! It was so cold! Sammy didn't seem too opposed to our tent coming down!
After getting the car packed, we loaded up. Sammy got in between the three of us and fixed his bed with our down blanket. He was passed out before we even hit the highway!

He was less than pleased when we got home. He had to leave his bed. Which he fought me on. As I pulled him forward, he pulled back. It was as though we played tug of war with his body. Good thing he was exhausted.

Sammy got over it as soon as he made it to the couch.

In fact, we got back at about 10:30AM Sunday morning. He slept the rest of the day Sunday. Got up only to eat and potty. We (people) met for dinner, and he stayed at home. When we got back and took him to potty, he came back in and beat us to the bedroom. Today, he has slept the whole day again. We made him get into the car and go to the pharmacy with us, and he just slept the whole time on my lap. It is now almost 5pm and he might have been awake for 2 hours total since we got back to Omaha! Currently we are in the bedroom because we have maintence working outside our living room windows (driving Sammy mad!) and Sammy has half the bed claimed as his is laying there spead eagle with his head on the pillow! Haha. He isn't even this tired after a day at doggie daycare! Can't wait til we get to go camping again, hopefully with better weather!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

...But I Love You

This week was finals week. Not very much fun for me. Even less fun for Sammy. I was home alot more, but whenever I was home I was studying. Not playing with him. We didn't go for any walks. And aside from one trip, no dog park (we usually go 3 times a week (we don't have a back yard for him to run in)). Sammy has pulled many study allnighters with me before, but not back to back to back. He was a little unhappy with our new schedule consisting of 4 hours a sleep a night. Before, Sammy wouldn't go to bed til I did, but he gave in this time. He went to bed with Erik a couple times. He still wanted to get up with me (5-6am depending on the day). Well, I shouldn't say wanted to. Sammy is not a morning dog. Just rolls away that early. But once I am up and moving, he goes to the edge of the bed and just whines to get down. Then he sticks to my legs. If I stop, he just falls down and starts to go back to sleep. If I get up, he struggles to his legs, and walks with his head dragging! He is just so sweet!
Sammy overall was very good about it all. But a couple times, he let me know how he really felt.

"Hi Mom! Let's play now!"

"Here Mom, study these. These are toys. Learn. Then, we can play!!"

This was my favorite. Sammy had been laying on my notebook, so I started working on my notecards. So, he just rolled on his back with his head on my lap! I have a witness that it was all him!! Haha.

"Hi. Can we play now? ...But I love you, Momma"

"Ok, time for bed!"

Then Sammy got to watch me with my notecards! And he could sense when I was getting proud of myself for doing well. He just had this supportive smile on his face!

"Good job Mom! We should get treat to celebrate! Is it time for bed?"

Sunday, May 2, 2010


This weekend is the weekend before finals! Ahhhh! Right? Yes!!!! Unlike most weekends before finals, I have been unable to hibernate. My grandparents moved into their assisted living apartment on Friday, and we visited on Saturday. (P.S. found out Sammy can go visit them! Yay!!) Spent almost all of Saturday there or running errands. To Sammy, Saturdays in recent history have been Samdays. All about the Samster! Dogpark, walks, visiting grandparents, playing with the neighbors, birthdays, road trips, seeing his cousin, etc. Yesterday was quite the rude awakening to how our Saturdays will probably be for a while. When I got back home, he was full of energy. We had a dogpark run. Came back, not much studying to be done. Today we got up and Sammy was just roaring with energy! We saw our doggie friend neighbors outside and that just got him full of more energy! I took him to the dogpark. We weren't having a good time with the other dogs there, so we left early. Came home to new neighbors moving into their apartment across the parking lot. Sammy was WAAAY into this. Not helpful. Then the storm clouds came. SOO not helpful. I picked him up took him to the bedroom, closed the window and blinds and turned on Marley & Me. I love Marley & Me. I have the book, the movie, the soundtrack, and I was beginning to think, the dog. Once Sammy got isolated, he calmed down quite a bit. Thank goodness. I got about one problem into studying before I was took caught up in the movie to make studying worthwhile. (I know, I'm a terrible student, right?) We enjoyed the movie. Sammy likes to watch dogs on TV. He jumps up to the TV, listens to the speakers, barks back...the whole bit. With Marley & Me (we have watched it alot) he enjoys the puppy times, but about half way through the movie the focus is more on the "& Me" part, John Grogan. I still enjoy it, Sammy nods off. For those who haven't seen the movie, I won't say too much, but everyone knows that the movie is Marley's life, and the movie ends when Marley dies. It is very emotional. Usually I just turn it off before we hit the ending because I am too emotional about dogs dying. I'm fine with other movies, no tears for people, man, usually not to much for kids, bu when a dog goes down, I'm done with that TV show OR movie OR book. It's over. (With a few notable exceptions like Marley & Me or The Art of Racing in the Rain, LOVE that book!) This time, Sammy was all curled up with me, we were under the blankets with rain outside and I thought I could just do it not to disturb the moment. That was a mistake. I was sobbing like there was no tomorrow. And when the kids were saying goodbye to Marley, ugh....tears. Sammy, being the BEST dog in the world, he was lying next to me, and I was petting him started licking my hand while looking up at me. Then he did his little nibbles on my hand! Ah, it was soo cute, made me tear up soo much more. I haven't ever had a dog that nibbled at this age. Usually they just grow out of it. Sammy did his nibbles Day 1 of bringing him home, and kept up with it. He doesn't do it nearly as much as he used to. He used to nibble on my hand almost every night or every morning. Now it's just every once in a while when he is especially lovey mood, maybe once a week or every other week. He is always lovey, but not just overcome with it too often. I love his little nibbles, and am so happy he didn't grow out of that. Always reminds me that I AM his momma! And really, what could be better than that!